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Homemade Nestle Quik Recipes

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Homemade Nestle Quik

Making your own chocolate milk mix can save you money. This page contains homemade Nestle Quik recipes.



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Question: Homemade Nestle Quik

Does anyone know the proportion of cocoa to sugar in products such as Nestle Quik? Many recipes call for Nestle Quik as an ingredient and I won't buy it premixed. Thanks for your help.

Susan from Omaha, NE


Most Recent Answer

By KS Granny [3]02/24/2011

Right you are, lsmith2ca - Dutch cocoa is cocoa processed with alkali. Here is a great write-up of the differences between dutch and natural cocoa:

Dutch cocoa has a yummy flavor. IMO, it needs less sugar because it's not as bitter. But unfortunately for those of us who justify our chocolate addiction on the basis of "dark chocolate is good for you," dutch chocolate doesn't count - processing with alkali destroys the antioxidants. *sigh*

Solutions: Homemade Nestle Quik Recipes

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