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Removing Pollen Stains From Carpet

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Pollen Stains on Carpet

Some stains on carpets can be especially hard to remove. This guide is about removing pollen stains from carpet.


Solutions: Removing Pollen Stains From Carpet

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Tip: Isopropyl Alcohol for Carpet Stains

Thanks for the tip about isopropyl alcohol for stains. After a vase of lilies fell over onto our cream carpet (I know, we were asking for trouble), there was a stubborn yellow stain which was resistant to all cleaning solutions known to mankind. I'd tried everything: Vanish, stain remover, carpet cleaner - but a trip to Maplins for a £9.99 can of the stuff meant that I was spared the hassle of an insurance claim. I just sprayed it on and mopped it up with kitchen roll. Job done!

    By andrew67 [1]

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    Here are questions related to Removing Pollen Stains From Carpet.

    Question: Removing a Yellow Pollen Stain from Carpet

    What is isopropyl alcohol? I've never heard of it so I don't know what to buy. I tried a Rug Doctor and Vanish spray, but nothing works. I can't sit it in the sunlight, as it is a carpet.

    By Jenny

    Question: Removing Lily Pollen Stains on Carpet

    I have seen the remarks about isopropyl alcohol for cleaning. Is there more than one type and if so which one is best to remove the stain on my cream carpet? Thanks.

    By Pauline T

    Question: Removing Pollen Stain on Carpet

    yellow stain on carpetHow do I remove yellow stain from a lily flower stamen from a cream wool carpet? Can it be done?

    By Jill B

    Question: Pollen Stain on Beige Carpet

    How do you clean a beige carpet that has a yellow stain because the pollen has fallen from a bunch of lilies?

    By Bernie


    Most Recent Answer

    By ckellybarber11/28/2013

    I just used Milton on a beige carpet with pollen staines that I had made bigger by using other products! It worked perfectly!

    Question: Pollen Stains on Carpet

    I have pollen stains on my wool/synthetic carpet where a visiting child knocked over a vase of liliums. So far I have tried Amway carpet cleaner unsuccessfully. Please help.

    By Patricia from Adelaide, SA


    Most Recent Answer

    By Pamela J03/08/2011

    I came home to lily pollen on my light beige 100% wool carpet and used my Folex carpet cleaner that works like a charm on most stains. I made it worse and had bright orange stains much bigger than at first, as I read later the water and rubbing just spreads it around. I Googled pollen stain on carpet and found this website. What a lifesaver! I used 91%isopropyl alcohol from my pharmacy (they didn't have 99%)and voila! it worked liked a charm. I poured it over the stains and blotted it up with paper towels. Another treatment after that dried and my carpet is stain free! What a brilliant tip, I never would have thought of it. And it has no odor like mineral spirits.. Another suggestion I was going to use if this didn't work.
    Thanks so much! Pamela

    Question: Pollen Rubbed Into a Rug

    I had orange pollen rubbed into my rug by my 2 year old son. I don't know how to remove it. I have used some carpet spray cleaners but it has not come out. Can anyone help me?


    Most Recent Answer

    By (Guest Post)07/04/2005

    Pollen is very hard to remove. When I was a florist we always pinched the anther (where the pollen is) out of the lilies before they left the shop.


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    Archive: Pollen Stains on Carpet

    I have got two bright yellow lily pollen stains on my beige carpet, which despite washing with water and treating with several doses of Vanish refuse to disappear. I know washing them was a mistake, but I must get them removed as I am moving out in less than a month. Please help, as there seems to be no solution other than ripping up the carpet!


    RE: Pollen Stains on Carpet

    Washing with white vinegar and/or hydrogen peroxide may help. Brush the stain and blot with a towel. Good luck. (08/02/2005)

    By Seagrape

    RE: Pollen Stains on Carpet

    I have had great luck with Blue Magic. Get it at an auto parts store. It's an upholstery cleaner. I had a grease stain on my car carpet and sprayed it on. I walked inside to get a cloth to rub with and when I got back I couldn't find the stain. Now I'm never without it at home. It works great on my house carpet too. Good luck.

    Debbie (08/11/2005)

    By reddlb

    RE: Pollen Stains on Carpet

    I was told by a person who grows and sells lilies that all you need to do to remove lily pollen is put the item in direct sunlight and the stains disappear. I understand this gets a little problematic with a stationary object like carpet. (08/14/2005)

    By Guest

    RE: Pollen Stains on Carpet

    I too had a pollen stain on my beige carpet and tried without success numerous methods. But I went to my local hardware shop and found an item called 'De-solv-it' stain remover and pre-wash in a handy small aerosol can. Absolutely brilliant stuff, it removed the stain without trace. Bearing in mind it was a fresh stain I couldn't promise that it could work on a old one! (08/09/2006)

    By Tina from Somerset

    RE: Pollen Stains on Carpet

    Lily Pollen stains. Gently dab a strip of cello tape onto the stain. The pollen will stick to the tape. Do not rub.


    Pollen Stains. If lily pollen (the golden or reddish "dust" on the anthers of each bloom) gets on your clothing, let it "dry", then carefully brush it away with a dry, soft brush or facial tissue. Or gently dab pieces of adhesive tape on the fabric until the pollen is gone. Do not brush the pollen away with your hands (oils from your skin will set the stain), and do not use water or a wet cloth (this will spread and set the stain). If some pollen still remains, place the item in direct sunlight for a couple of hours; the stain should disappear. Pollen stains can often be removed from washable fabrics with an enzymatic detergent such as Era.

    [Ed: Carefully remove the anthers from the flowers as they open. Pollen can be "stuck" to flowers (such as lilies, arum, calla, etc.) by giving the flowers a quick spray with hair spray if the flower is to used for a short use, such as a wedding bouquet.] (08/19/2006)

    By Michael M

    RE: Pollen Stains on Carpet

    I got a great tip to use Sainsbury's sterilising fluid. I spilt lilies and water onto a cream carpet and thought it was completely ruined. I dabbed the area with the sterilising fluid and in seconds it disappeared!! Trust me this really works. (06/25/2007)

    By Gill

    RE: Pollen Stains on Clothing

    Rusty red pollen stains on clothing can be readily removed by pouring 99% isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol) over the areas and soaking up the now yellow coloured solution with paper tissue. This solvent, obtainable in the pharmacy section of Zellers, etc. will not harm fabrics and would probably be equally effective on carpets. Methanol (wood alcohol) will not dissolve such pollen stains; thus the more lipophilic isopropyl alcohol (or toluene or xylene) is need. The regular 70% isopropanol rubbing alcohol (like the ethanol variety) will not work effectively because of the higher water content. If some light hue remains, one can apply the pharmacy variety of 2% hydrogen peroxide or simply expose the garmet or carpet to sunlight for an hour or so. (08/27/2007)

    By George

    RE: Pollen Stains on Carpet

    It really works! Had a shirt that I'd tried to get the pollen out with water (and made it worse). Tried 'Vanish' which didn't help. And then I left it out in the sunlight for about half and hour and the pollen stain has completely disappeared. Amazing! Thank you for the tip! (09/10/2007)

    RE: Pollen Stains on Carpet

    I had spots from lilies. Carpet cleaners I had in the house spread the stain. I tried vinegar, hydrogen peroxide which also did not work. Nearby, I had a bottle of mineral spirits. Poured that on a paper towel. Blotted at the spots and they came right out. (05/31/2008)

    By LB7

    RE: Pollen Stains on Carpet

    Thank you to George Neville for his suggestion of isopropyl alcohol. I happened to have some in the house and set to work where the cat had knocked a vase of lilies over our beige carpet and the stains were enormous. What a life saver! The pollen simply blotted out of the carpet on kitchen paper towels. I really thought this was going to be an insurance job. Thank you! (06/01/2008)

    By Hanna

    RE: Pollen Stains on Carpet

    I had a large pollen stain on my carpet from some lilies. I tried alcohol and carpet cleaner. This only spread the mark. I bought Stain Slayer from Asda (it is in a spray can about the size of an impulse can) and it worked like magic and one spray later the marks had gone. 22/06/08 (06/22/2008)

    By Lilly

    RE: Pollen Stains on Carpet

    De Solve It has just worked a treat on pollen stains on my boyfriend's cream carpet much to my immense relief! £1.94 from Wilkinson's, small aerosol can in the stain remover section. Thanks so much for the tip! (07/19/2008)

    By Archcatt

    RE: Pollen Stains on Carpet

    Goo Gone works like a champ. (11/10/2008)