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WestBend Bread Machine 41026 Manual

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I am looking for the manual or setting explanation for WestBend 41026 Breadmaker. My mother inlaw misplaced hers. I have searched and found the one for just a meal. I requested the manual from a site but haven't heard anything back. I even tried to the 1 hour loaf, it didn't work.

Kate from Grayling, MI



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By Anita (Guest Post)07/31/2008

Hello, You can download the manual and extra recipes from <br><br><b> ... kon=category&linkid=54</b>

This is the website for West Bend. You can buy a Xerox copy of the manual for $4 or download a PDF copy for free! You can also buy replacement parts.

By Deanj01/19/2007

On the westbend web page they list a care and use book for the 41026 model for $4.00.Or you could write to Westbend at

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