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Bedding Color Advice for Bedroom With Grey Walls and Brown Carpet

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I'm also painting my mother's room this fall, the walls are going to be a light grey, and her carpet is a light and dark brown. What color bedding should I go with? I am looking for something not too expensive.

By Sarah from Indianapolis, IN


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By Carolyn C. Cooke [18]08/21/2010

Coral is good if with very little "orangey" tint. My personal favorite, and one I could live with a long time, would be dusty rose (medium value). Blues and greens would be too depressing in time, for me, anyway.

By eve [16]08/21/2010

I think something in the peach or coral famly would be lovely.

By Pat [3]08/21/2010

The walls are a cool color and the carpet is a warm color, so you can choose either to complement them. If it were me, I would go with pale golds mixed with some rust colors for the warm. The cool colors I would choose would be blues and greens. Depending on the intensity of the gray on the walls to choose lighter or darker colors.

By Joan [13]08/18/2010

Brown/beige/gray are all neutrals. I have seen bedding in combinations of those colors. You could go with a striped comforter in brown/beige stripes and use gray sheets. Then to add a feminine touch you could add a couple throw pillows in a coral color that would go with both the grays and the tans.

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