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Removing Permanent Marker from Grout

Permanent Marker

This dried paste is a porous material and can be difficult to clean. This guide is about removing permanent marker from grout.



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Question: Removing Ink Stains from Grout

How do I get ink out of grout?

By leanneg93 from Wenatchee, WA


Most Recent Answer

By Cyinda [214]08/02/2009

Try putting rubbing alcohol. Put it in a well-marked spray bottle & spray it into the grout. Let it soak a few seconds then spray again, then absorb with a paper towel. You can also try the stronger 90% rubbing alcohol & also try fingernail polish remover. Use the stronger one that's NOT made for "artificial nails". Also, they sell professional ink removers (for janitors, etc) on the internet. (they work wonders!) Once it's clean, be sure to seal your grout!

Question: Permanent Marker on Tile Grout

How do you clean permanent marker off of tile grout?

Juanita from Stockton, CA


Most Recent Answer

By Andi [1]05/28/2007

You might try a little bleach on a Q-tip, do a small area as a test. If that doesn't work try a Magic Eraser. Good Luck.

Question: Removing Sharpie from Grout

How do you remove Sharpie marker from grout?

By Jodie from Cloquet, MN

Solutions: Removing Permanent Marker from Grout

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