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I am unable to find the Top Job cleaning product in my local grocery store. I would appreciate any information you can send me. My location is the Largo, FL area. Thank you.



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By Charlene 1 02/22/2011

I believe Mr. Clean and Top Job product have been combined. Look for a Mr. Clean product that is similar to Top Job. I used to use Top Job for everything, but no longer can find it. I believe this was related to some kind of buy out between companies. Charlene

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By Eileen 1 04/04/2011

This was in the NY Times...THE MEDIA BUSINESS: Advertising; Mopping up a poor performer, Procter & Gamble merges Top Job into its Mr. Clean brand.
http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpa ... 25751C0A962958260&pagewanted=all

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Question: Where Can I Buy Top Job Cleaner?

I cannot find Top Job anywhere. I cannot find it in any store. Where can I purchase it? If not in store can I order on line because I have a cleaning business and like this product very much. My mom used it when I was a kid. Please let me know where or if I can order on line. My location is Holland, PA

By Lisa

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By HAPPYINHARNED 14 193 06/06/2011

I would try Big Lots and Dollar Tree.

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Question: Top Job Household Cleaner

I have been trying to find this cleaner since living in Birmingham, Alabama. I had found it at Dollar General stores and now they no longer sell this cleaner. It was my favorite for years.


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By Grandma J 54 1,041 06/01/2011

Hi, did the simplest thing and Googled the issue. Top Job all-purpose cleaner, merged into the Mr. Clean brand in 1990. On the P&G website of products.

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Question: Shopping for Top Job Cleaner

What happened to Top Job cleaner?

By Shiela

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By Frances Adams 11 557 11/09/2011

The last time I saw it in our are (LA) was at a Dollar Tree type store.

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Archive: Top Job Cleaner

I used to use Top Job floor cleaner all the time on my kitchen floors. I can't seem to find it anywhere. Does any one know who has it? I even went to their website, they were no help. I've been to every store around. Please help if you have the answer to my Top Job problem. Thanks.

RE: Top Job Cleaner

Dollar General carries Top Job, bought some today for $2 (07/20/2005)

RE: Top Job Cleaner

I live in Maryland and found it in the local WalMart. It's the good ol' stuff (ammonium hydroxide solution).(06/05/2007)

By Jeff

RE: Top Job Cleaner

Who ever is looking for this great cleaner I called the local SHOP-RITE IN PA. And they do carry this wonderful stuff. (08/31/2007)

By Carolyn

RE: Top Job Cleaner

Meijer's sold it until a couple of weeks ago. (03/26/2008)

By Karen

RE: Top Job Cleaner

I'm also running into the same problem finding any Top Job anywhere. The stores that did sell it are no longer selling it. It's the best floor cleaner I have found. I'm using the last bottle that I happened to run across at the Dollar General store a month ago (last bottle on the shelf). I also noticed it's made in the USA. (04/25/2008)

By Janelle

RE: Top Job Cleaner

I found Top Job cleaner in Lowes and Home Depot. In Columbia. (04/29/2008)

By South Carolina

RE: Top Job Cleaner

Walmart sells it. (04/30/2008)

By Faith

RE: Top Job Cleaner

A few years ago Proctor and Gamble changed Top Job to a Mr. Clean Top Job cleanser. They sold the original green Top Job bottle along with the yellow, blue and orange Mr. Clean. However, the green Top Job started to disappear from shelves. I contacted Proctor and Gamble directly and they told me that Marketing had discontinued the original green Top Job cleaner. Several companies have tried to sell replicas of it, but it was not the same. Recently, someone told me that the old original Top Job cleaner was being sold again at Walmart. That may be so, but I have not seen it. (05/03/2008)

By Top Job User

RE: Top Job Cleaner

You can find Top Job at Magic Mart. (07/14/2008)

By Shayla

Archive: Top Job Cleaner

I am also fruitlessly looking for Top Job. I have tried all the other cleaners and none are as good as Top Job (no it's not Quick Job I'm talking about). I could only find it before in Pathmark, but now no more.

I'm going to try my Home Depot and if they have it buy them all on the shelf. I don't have any of the other stores listed in my area of NY.

What was Procter and Gamble thinking when the discontinued it.

By abelle51 from New York

RE: Top Job Cleaner

I haven't used Top Job in a long time. As well as I remember, the main ingredient was ammonia. Try using plain ammonia (about 1/2 cup per gallon of water). This is what I use to clean my floors. It works great and saves money. Plain ammonia is cheap! (09/20/2009)

By Southern Saver

RE: Top Job Cleaner

I have found this product at the Dollar Tree. (09/21/2009)

By MissTnKY

Archive: Top Job Cleaner

Where can I buy Top Job cleaner?


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