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Washing Machine Not Cleaning Clothes

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My washing machine is not cleaning my clothes, and there appears to be black grease or something of that sort.

How do I get rid of this problem.

Wendy H.


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By Nancy H [1]04/27/2005

We had this problem... when we washed the clothes, we'd get black dots all over the items.. we had it looked at and the motor had developed an oil leak... it was cheaper to just go out and invest in a new washer.

By Felicia04/26/2005

We used to have a Hot Point washing machine that did the same thing. We took it in to get it looked at and they said the transmission was out of it. They told us it would be cheaper to get a new washer, so we did. Hopefully, you don't have to do the same. Good luck!

By Michelle from Canada (Guest Post)04/26/2005

Are you sure it's coming from the washer? I had that problem too. The grease marks looked like 2 lines that didn't meet at the ends. Almost like trying to draw the human eye maybe?? It could be your dryer. I went out and bought a new washer just to find out mine was fine. Inside the dryer between the drum and the door there's supposed to be these little tabs that keep the clothes form getting caught. If they're missing then just install new ones. Run some CLR through your washer and clean out the filter (if your model has one) and both units should work fine after that. I hope I helped!!

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