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Hydro-Sil Electric Heater


Does a Hydro-Sil electric heater use less electricity as compared to a standard electric heater?

Pia from Fort Collins, CO



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By Melanie Jackson 1 373 09/27/2008

I'm looking into those, as well. I hope someone here has one, and can post some more details about it.

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By LuvUrCustomer (Guest Post) 11/02/2008

For all those interested in Hydrosil Heaters: 18 years ago I installed these heaters in my entire house (2300 sq ft Log Home). Although they are significantly more expensive than standard baseboard electric heaters, I am absolutely convinced that I have saved a ton of money over the last 18 years on heating costs. I will be ordering one more heater for a room I just completed in my basement. It was one of the best decisions I made when constructing my house!

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By Mgrimes (Guest Post) 12/04/2008

I have two of these heaters. My home is fairly small in comparison to some. 1024 sq ft with 20 ft open ceilings. So far when temps have been in the teens these heat our entire home an average of constant 68-72 degrees. I just don't know yet if it is very good heat or very good insulation. (this is the first winter in the home)

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By john (Guest Post) 01/05/2009

Our main home has hydro-sil heaters and it has definitely saved us money. Though I'll be quick to say baseboard heat is baseboard heat. You will have some dead spots as a result, but that's the nature of the beast as opposed to forced air.

I can say without hesitation that when we finally get around to bringing our secondary/ summer cottage up to speed this next year, that we will without fail be installing these units in that dwelling as our electric bills have been ridiculous there this winter, and we only spend every other weekend there, and heat only to around 55 degrees when we are absent from the property.

you will see savings immediately.

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By jim 1 1 09/28/2010

I have a cabin in Missouri, it has propane heat but I will only use it on weekends, I don't want the pipes to freeze and don't want to have to worry about expensive propane. Can anyone advise me on how many of these hydrosil's I'll need just to keep the pipes from freezing? I have 1400 sq ft upstairs and 1400 downstairs but the house is really well insulated. If I put a few in on each floor will that take care of the pipe issue?

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By peedenmark7 2 12/06/2010

To figure out how many heaters you need multiply your sq. ftg. of 2800 x 10 which will give you the total wattage needed to heat your place. That being 28,000. you can then look on Hydro-sil website and take each room into consideration by their respective sq. footage. to better figure what length heater/its wattage you need per room.

Say you have a 12x10 bedroom. that's 120 sq. ft. x10 equals 1200 watts. which a 6 foot unit [1500 watts]would heat nicely. Better to have more than you need than not enough. you also have to consider what your breakers can handle or are rated for. Remember 100 watts equals 1 amp.

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