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Craft Ideas Using Broken Mirror Fragments

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I have access to lots of broken glass, mirrors mostly, and I need some great ideas! I want to get started on Christmas gifts and I'm thinking about using the broken mirrors, but what can I do? Please help.

By Missy from IA


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By Dorin [4]05/05/2011

You can always make a mosaic mirror out of it. That way its still usable but has a unique look. :)

By susan [33]09/22/2010

Cover an old bowling ball with the mirror pieces and grout it for a reflecting sphere for the garden!

By Jennifer [2]09/22/2010

I bought my friend a gorgeous wooden star, mosaic-ed with mirrors. She hung it in a tree near her kitchen window and it's lovely. It was grouted and coated with sealer to make it outdoor safe.

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [429]09/22/2010 ... g1g-m1&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=
I Googled broken glass jewelry, so this would work for most pieces of mirror. You can also sand the edges, put some cool glass paint on the edges, E-6000 glue a pin on the back, and you have a nice brooch. You can make wind chimes out of them, but make sure the wind is gentle, or they will break. Inlay them into grout on an old try, plate, or frame and make an unusual gift. I hope these help!!

By Mary Lou [14]09/22/2010

You could also make disco balls with them. Use ceramic or industrial adhesive to glue the mirror to a styrofoam ball leaving a small gap to insert a string or cord, then fill in with mirror after hanging cord is added. Embed the mirror fragments in a stepping stone made of cement to make the path sparkle.

By Brianna Southworth [63]09/20/2010

I saw in a magazine long long ago where someone covered three different-sized wooden balls with mosaic grout and broken mirror pieces for their holiday centerpiece; they placed them in bell jars on the table to protect wee fingers from getting cut. It was enchanting when candles were lit nearby and the light caromed off the many reflective surfaces!

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