Toxicity of the Crown of Thorns Plant


My question is about the plant called crown of thorns. We have these plants in our garden and they look very colorful, but my neighbor said the thorns can cause cancer, meaning if you accidentally touched and were wounded by its thorns it can cause cancer. Is it true? I want to know if I can keep this plant in our backyard or need remove it? Please help me.



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By Tapestry Lady 2 197 09/05/2011

The plant is toxic and the sap can cause skin irritation, but I don't think it will give you cancer! Many popular garden plants are in fact toxic but people still grow them. If you have small children or pets who might be tempted to mess with the plants you might consider removing them, but it's really up to you.

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By Abigail A. 13 916 09/06/2011

Love these nosy neighbors with their old wives tales. I have one like that. Many plants are somewhat toxic and can cause skin irritation. It's the plant's defense against predators. A lot of these plants are common in people's yards and houses.

The Crown of Thorns plant has a religious name, and those tend to have stories or superstitions associated with them.

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By DeBushe 18 164 09/09/2011

A web search came up with this site. Take a look at it. http://www.wanapluk.com/crown-of-thorns-plant/ Then tell your nosy neighbor that she needs to do some more research. It looks like it might make you itch or it might kill you, but nothing is said about Cancer.

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