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Bleach and Water for Sanitizing Clean-Ups

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For fast sanitizing clean ups, get a spray water bottle and mix a small amount of bleach (a cap full) and fill the rest of the bottle with water. Keep it next to your sink (somewhere away from the kids) and when there is a mess, just spritz and clean up. Fast and clean.

By Heather



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By Linda McGregor [1]04/26/2009

Once you mix the solution it has to be changed every day in order to disinfect. I learned this in both the food safety class and the prevention of disease transmission class that I took as part of my job. It's just as easy to add a capful to a gallon of water in the sink and wipe everything down.

By Laura (Guest Post)02/02/2009

Just keep in mind that the bleach will degrade after about 24 hours, so if you're going to keep a bottle around you need to change it out every day.

By Belva (Guest Post)02/01/2009

I was taught in Serv-Safe that bleach water needs to be dumped out and fresh solution made every 24 hours. So if you have a spray bottle with bleach water that you made a while back and have been using it...chances are it's disinfectant properties are loooong gooone!

note: Serv-Safe is what all restaurant managers have to go through as part of their training. The certificate is good for 7 years! It is a food-safety course.

By Rich (Guest Post)09/18/2008

If I add bleach in the correct mix and freeze it, will the effective bleach do it's bleaching as it melts?

By Rich (Guest Post)09/17/2008

If I add bleach in the correct mix and freeze it, will the effective bleach do it's bleaching as it melts?

By yokie (Guest Post)08/29/2007

Gov't website gives the following info.:

Mix one teaspoon of bleach per gallon of water. Use cool water, because hot water will speed the rate of bleach evaporation. Also, do not add soap to the water. The mixture won't kill the germs as well.

By joy (Guest Post)02/08/2006

how long does this solution hold it strength and the solution should be change out.

By guest (Guest Post)05/27/2005

If you look at your detergent bottle, it likely says "do not mix with bleach". Bleach and detergents react and produce a gas that can likely make you sick so mixing the two is probably not the best idea.

By carolyn (Guest Post)11/15/2004

I do this as well, but I put about a tsp of dish soap in the bottle as well. It's probably not necessary, but I do anyway for a bit of suds. I don't rinse it, No.

By nolasandy (Guest Post)10/12/2004

Do you have to rinse this bleach mixture off your counter or can you just let it dry?

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