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Dangers of Mixing Steroids

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When you combine steroids by accident, like my husband did, they can cause cataracts. When he hurt his neck, he went to pain management for steroid shots in the neck. Then, later when he had a bad allergy infection he was given flonase for his sinus, it is a steroid spray. Now he has cataracts. It is not that flonase is bad, but the combination of it and the pain shots caused it. Please be careful about not combining certain meds like these nose sprays and other sorts of steroids.

By Racer


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By (Guest Post)08/21/2005

Someone gave you incorrect information. I've got Asthma - I use steroids all the time. I take Flonase regularly for allergies, I use Advair, and when I'm having trouble I get prednisone by IV, then Pills. I've also had Cortisone injections for a bad knee. If your doctor told you the cataracts are from steroids, I'd check with another doctor.

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