Fixing a Burn Mark on Microfiber

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Burns to fabric are often difficult to repair. This is a guide about fixing a burn mark on microfiber.



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Question: Fixing a Burn Mark on Microfiber

How can I fix a small burned area in a beige microfiber sofa?

JRcv from Miami

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By Meli 06/22/2008

That is a fun one. That I see often

Technique 1
Take a disposable razor and gently shave the fabric in an area that is not easily seen - Undersideof sofa or on the sides of back of sova below the top of the cushion line. Clean burn area- then use waterproof clear craft glue and glue lint into burn until it is filled in and starts to blend in with the rest of the fabric.

Technique 2
Flip sofa over - remove large fabric cover panel (if it has one) - then cut a piece of repair fabric from the bottom upholstery where it come up the frame - reattach fabric panel - then clean up burn area & cut patch the same shape of burn but a little lit bigger; glue w/ clear glue give it a couple of tack stitches w/ same color thread & then use needle to fray the edges of the patch until it blends in.

Technique 3. For a full hole
Same as in above - cut a patch for the hole about the same size as the hole. Get some iron on patch material (use a similar color as sofa) cut to 1/4" bigger than hole - work it shiny(glue) side up under the hole.Dab a bit of clear glue on the underside of repair fabric - then glue to iron on, give it a couple of tack stitches - let dry then - take an old white t-shirt or hankie, place it over patch and press w/ iron - Make sure to use a low to med temp be careful so as not to melt the upholstery but warm enough to set the iron-on patch material to the underside of the hole (you can also test Iron temp on the bottom of sofa. ( I would advise that you do so, just in case)

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Question: Repairing a Iron Burn Mark on Microfiber Couch

How do I get a iron burn out of a microfibre couch?

By Makayla

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