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Craft Uses for Old Scarves

Pillows covered with scarves.

Scarves go in and out of fashion, use your scarves to make a delightful craft. This is a guide about craft uses for old scarves.


Solutions: Craft Uses for Old Scarves

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Tip: Shelf Sitter from New or Recycled Scarves

Stuffed scarf owl.

Sew cute scarf decor from old scarves or $1 store scarves. I had some felt laying around and an old scarf and decided to make a cute shelf sitter for my daughter's new baby room. Her theme is "owls". This took hardly any time and it looks great.


    By lnygaard [100]

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    Tip: Recycled Scarf Pillows

    Pillows covered with scarves.Give your old throw pillows a new look using old scarves. You can do this in less than five minutes and there's no sewing required. If you don't own any scarves, shop at yard sales or secondhand stores for pretty scarves under a dollar.

    Approximate Time: less than 5 minutes


    • assorted fashion scarves
    • 14-16 inch throw pillows


    1. Lay scarf on table or floor, print side down.
    2. Position the pillow so that its corners lie in between the corners of the scarf. When properly aligned, the pillow should form a diamond shape on the scarf.
    3. Take two opposite corners of the scarf, tie around the pillow and knot. Take the remaining two corners of the scarf and do the same to form a second knot. Simple, yet elegant.

    By Mom of 1 from Wilkesboro, NC

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    Tip: Craft Uses for Old Scarves

    Use an old scarf for a scarecrow or a snow man!

    Use an old scarf for a scarecrow or a snow man!

    In the Garden

    I don't know of any craft ideas but they can be used to tie tomato vines to the cages to keep the plants from bending over, keeping the plants growing upright.

    By badwater


    Dresser scarves or a pretty runner under candles for a romantic type dinner. You could also make some wonderful throw pillows for sofa or bed. How about a handbag? You can twist and wrap scarves for interesting looks on your head. They can be used for accessories around the neck with cool pins, like in the 60's & 70's. Scarves are all the rage again as dressing accessories.

    By sajoro

    Silky Scarves

    If you are saying silky scarves- why not use them as gift sachet bags? Cut, hem, (Or iron-fuse tape 3 sides, fill with scented petals, stitch up fourth side, add a tiny bow. OR.. Fold them to overlap in triangles to make a special valance for a window treatment.

    Make (or buy in a thrift store or lawn sale) frame(s) and make mat(s). Staple the scarf to a piece of poster board to keep the material taut- slide behind the mat...instant wall art!

    Braid the scarves into one-of-a-kind drapery tie backs.

    Line a plain wooden box from a craft store after you have stained or painted it, to be used for jewelry, recipes, or whatever comes to mind, depending on the size of the scarf, the box, and your imagination. Just use pinking scissors, spray adhesive, and a ruler.

    Get a piece of plexiglass and place the scarf under it for a changeable dressertop, desk blotter or table centerpiece.

    You also could braid them into an interesting wreath if all else fails.

    By Catie

    Woolly Scarves

    If you mean woolly scarves, you could cut them up to use as dusters, or as stuffing for toys, teddies etc. If all else fails, just give them to charity.

    By TeraDaisySpawn

    Throw Pillows

    You could also use them as throw pillow covers. Just sew them up and fill with stuffing and close up ends...enjoy

    By grammar

    Window Treatment Accents

    I've seen off white long drapery with tab type tops which fit through round curtain hangers with colored scarves fitted through them in a decorative way to liven up a room with neutral colors. This particular color of the scarves was dark lavender. I honestly thought a decorator had designed the room. Just my daughter's friend's immagination at work. LOVELY TO THE HILT. I WAS SO IMPRESSED.



    I sewed mine together to make a quilt like curtain.

    By cinthya


    Either wolly or silky I think it would be neat to weave them (if you have many) and have a heavy or light weight blanket!

    By wyoKrista

    Plate Covers

    You can make plate covers; sew buttons on the corners; drape over plates filled with food to keep warm and to keep flies away! Good for outdoor entertaining. You can also use old scarves as dresser scarves or use as table runners or on the center of the table for a centerpiece.

    By WandaJo

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    Question: Uses for Silk Scarves

    I have a box of silk scarves I used to wear with suits when I was working. Are there any ideas on how I can "repurpose" them? Perhaps craft usages.

    By Geri from Orlando, FL

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    Most Recent Answer

    By Betty 104 753 03/18/2010 Flag

    I've seen them tied about hardware on nice purses.

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    Question: Tying a Scarf Into a Purse

    I am looking for the directions to tying a scarf into a purse. I saw this on Martha Stewart's show, but cannot find them on her website. If anyone can tell me where to find them please let me know.

    Julie from Naples, FL

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    By Julie 3 86 08/22/2006 Flag

    Thank you kddid and mef1957. I found the instructions at: ... id=channel3730328&site=blueprint

    Could not have done it without you!!

    Julie from Naples FL

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    Question: Craft Uses for Old Scarves

    I have tons of scarves, all shapes and sizes. I will never use them. What can I do with them?

    By DBS

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    Most Recent Answer

    By Lori Ebert 2 6 01/27/2012 Flag

    What about using them to cover pillows to make decorative pillows for sofas and/or beds?

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