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Determining the Value of Old Reel Mowers

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Old Reel Mower

Vintage reel lawn mowers sometimes have a value to collectors. This is a guide about determining the value of old reel mowers.


Here are questions related to Determining the Value of Old Reel Mowers.

Question: Age and Value of a Sear's Reel Mower

Reel mower with a very small motor.I have a Sear's Craftsman 18 inch reel self propelled mower in really good shape. It has a 3 hp cast iron motor, model 536816900. How can I find the age and value of this mower?

By Keith

Most Recent Answer

By Benjamin E.02/10/2014

Keith, I wanted to remind you that your machine was made as early as January 1976, and that the first retail sales would have occurred around that July. However, this machine would've been sold no later than 1978 (it was on clearance sale in 1979, when it was replaced by a revised model 536.816901 and then 536.816902).

Possible sales years: 1976, 1977 or 1978
Engine model no.: 143.661062 (Tecumseh H30-35312M)

What would the date code be on the unit frame, where the model number is also? Example: 6255 (9/11/1976)

As to the engine's date code, it would look like this (it's stamped on the shroud, after the model number): 6234B (8/21/1976).

Thank you, Benjamin "Ben" Edge

Question: Value of Midwest Eclipse Reel Mower

I have this older mower. What is value? It says Prophetstown, IL. It also has 806 on it.

By Logan G.

Question: Value of 1967 Jacobsen Reel Type Mower

I have a pristine vintage mower. It is a Jacobsen reel type self propelled mower, model #60102 type 0271 01. The date is 11/29/1967, serial number 12104 10740. It has a 3hp Briggs and Straaton engine. That is all the information I have, I am just trying to find out the estimated value. It is in perfect running condition and only had 1 owner.

By Jay S

Question: Value of Winpower Remote Control Lawnmower

I would like to know the value of a pretty rare lawnmower that I have that belonged to my father. It is a 1960 remote control mower, corded, from the Winpower Mfg. Co. in Newton, Iowa. It is in good condition, runs well, has the original manual, and all original parts except for a new belt.

By Don

Question: Value of a Great Lakes Lawn Mower

I have a Great Lakes lawn mower. What is it worth? It has cast iron wheels and a wooden handle. It is in very good shape.

By John

Question: Age and Value of Old Reel Mower

I have an old reel lawn mower with the wooden roller on the back. The wheels say Royal York and it has solid tires. My neighbour is 85 and she has never seen one with the roller on it; so I am curious of the age and value. It's in amazing shape, still works.

By SH from Ontario, Canada

Question: Value of Vintage Reel Mower

My in-laws left us an old push reel mower. It has Davis Corp. Mowers, Richmond, Ind. USA on it. It has a wooden handle and steel grooved wheels. Can anyone tell me its value?

By Nathaniel

Question: Value of Simmons Reel Mower

I have a Simmons reel mower with a patent date of '99 and a date of 1909 stamped on the hub. It says ball bearings as well. It cuts grass like a new one (almost). Is it worth anything to collectors?

By Jim from Oklahoma City, OK

Question: Value and Information on a Turfmaster Reel Mower

I am trying to figure out the age and value of my Turfmaster reel mower. mower lying down closeup of name on handle

By Jeremy

Question: Value of a Edgerite Reel Mower

old push mowerI was using this Edgerite Model A8 reel mower until very recently when the handle twisted and one side of the metal handle snapped. I was going to give it to the scrap metal dealer, but realized it's probably an antique. I couldn't find any mention of it on Google, other than the Edgerite tool company that was carried by T. Eaton back in the early 1920s. Anyone know if it's worth trying to sell - or does the broken handle pretty much destroy any value?

By Robert

Question: Value of Reel Mower

I have an old push reel mower that once belonged to my grandfather. It's orange in color and on the wheels it has: The T Eaton CLtd Canada 52 made in Eatonia England. It has seen better days and the reel is rusted and seized. I was wondering if this is a collector's item and the approximate value.

By Valerie B.

Question: Age of Old Reel Mower

I have a reel push mower with a 2 stroke engine. I was wondering how old this mower is? It was made in Racine Wisconsin. The tag says Colben serial #1918.

By Tony from Parsons, TN

Question: Value of a Vintage Garden Way 3 HP Reel Mower

What is a vintage Garden Way 3 hp reel mower worth in like new shape?

By Dennis B.

Question: Value of Vintage Lawnmower

Can anyone tell me the age and value of a HG Palmer lawnmower?

By maz

Question: Information on Old Reel Mower

Old reel mower leaning up against a house wall.I am 15 years old and I got a very old reel mower from a junk pile at a house that was being torn down. It says Granite State M.M. (Mowing Machines) Co. on the outside of the wheels. It is all cast iron except the handle which is wooden. It also says ball bearings on the reel's frame, but there are no ball bearings any where to be found for I have taken it apart except for the reel. I looked up the name on the wheels, but came up with nothing. Please help me get more information.

By Tyler B.

Question: Finding the Value of Antique Reel Mower

I have a 6 inch reel, push mower dated 1908 made in Buffalo NY. It actually works! It has one steel wheel that propels the small blade. The wooden handle and roller still in one piece. Does anyone know the value?

By Joe W.

Question: Determining the Age of Reel Mower

I own an old Dille and McGuire reel mower that an old friend gave me in 1965 when I was ten years old. It has a rectangular metal handle and is called the Supreme. It has ball bearings. Any suggestions?

By Marty G from Cincinnati, OH

Question: Value of Winpower Remote Control Lawn Mower

I have a Winpower #rc120 mower, manufactured in Newton, Iowa. There is no date of manufacture, it is as old as 1930? It is electric with a remote control. It works good and has been in the family for a long time. I was told that only 3 are still around. Can you help please? I need some information and possible value. Thanks.

By Thomas

Question: Value of 1964 Toro Sportlawn High Cut 21 Push Mower

I have a 1964 Toro Sportslawn High Cut 21 push mower. Grandpa says it still works; it looks like it's in great shape. We are looking to sell it. Do you know how much I could get for it?

By Kristen

Question: Value of American Bluegrass Reel Mower

I have multiple reel mowers and haven't a clue what they're worth. One says American Bluegrass lawn mower and it's a five blade model.

By Casandra

Question: Value of Old Reel Mower

I have a very old antique reel push mower. It says on the cast iron "Penna Lawn Ball Bearing" on the outside of rim, and on inside it says "P.L.M Div. Camden N J" and on top of it at handle it says "PQ". I can take a picture and send it if someone has some information about what its worth.

By ltsa12 from Chatsworth, GA

Most Recent Answer

By TnHippie08/22/2013

If it is anything like the newer model that I have, I doubt very much since even the smallest of sticks cause it to jam up. Heaven help if you have an oak or walnut tree overhead - though I wouldn't give up my trees for anything but using a reel mower under them is a real reel pain. Good luck.

Question: Value of a Vintage Penna Lawn Push Mower

I bought this Penna Lawn, push mower about 40 years ago. It was brand new then, but covered with dust. The mower shop owner was quite old. He said that he had had it in stock for ages. I passed it on to my son today. Any idea of it's value?

By Bruce

Question: Value of Antique Lawn Mower

I have a Monta mower. It has a metal handle and is in good condition. How do I find out what it is worth?

By Joan

Question: Value of a WestLine High Cut Reel Mower Clipper

How do I find the value and age of a WestLine high cut reel mower clipper, 2x-1215r?

By Tony L from NJ

Question: Finding the Value of an Antique Push Mower

I have a 1918 N Penna Jr push mower. How do you find out the value of an old lawn mower? Everyone else's web page skirts around the questions.

By dhack

Most Recent Answer

By Marie Brack06/15/2013

A thing like that is worth what someone will pay for it. There's no fixed, absolute value. If you search on "push mower" on Craigslist or eBay you'll get an idea what they go for.

Question: Value of Masport Brand Reel Mower

Closeup of mower.I have an old push reel mower I picked up on the side of the road, it still cuts reel well, hehe (pun). It's got Masport on the wheels, which are steel and has a wooden handle. I was just wondering if I made a find? Is it worth anything?

By Gary

Question: Value of Dalglish Reel Mower

What is the value of a Dalglish reel mower? It still cuts grass fine. There is some wear on the wooden roller. It has a metal handle, rubber wheels, with red hub, with raised lettering saying, Dalglish Engineered Products, St. Paul, Minnesota.

By Joe

Most Recent Answer

By cjames12/31/2013

I've been looking for a Dalglish lawn mower. Let me know if you would like to sell.

Question: Value of a Homemade Riding Reel Mower

How much would a riding reel mower be worth? It is made out of an old bike and a old reel mower.

By AJ from NC

Question: Brand and Value of Vintage Push Mower

I have my dad's old manual push reel mower. I can't find the brand on it, but I did find "STK No 8D23 CDE No 85" stamped on the top of bottom plate. It has made in the USA and the color was/is green.
It is from at least the fifties, maybe earlier. It has a wooden handle with a metal shaft that at one time had a label on it. Looking for a possible brand and approx. value.


By Chuck

Question: Determining the Age of a Craftsman Reel Mower

How do you determine the year of an old Craftsman reel push mower? Where is the year info located on these mowers?

By D.Barnes

Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie [11]05/28/2013

Most lawn mowers (and many other home tools and appliances) have the manufacture date embedded in the serial number. Not sure where that is on a Craftsman mower but on other makes it's either on the motor or the housing-look for a tin plate bolted on.

Copy down the number exactly as it is on the mower then go to the Craftsman pages on and follow the navigation links to info pages for your model and serial number.

Question: Value of a Schampler Reel Push Mower

I have a schampler manual push mower. It was made in Germany; how much is it worth?

By Steven

Question: Determining Value of an Antique Philadelphia Lawn Trimmer

I just got a reel type Philadelphia Lawn Trimmer. It has on the handle, 1912 cast in, as well as, Philadelphia. This is not a full width but a narrow trimmer, with one drive wheel and one small wheel on the other side. This is the first one I have seen of this type. Is it collectable and of value?

By Tom B. from Lake Zurich, IL

Most Recent Answer

By william4404/28/2013

I have one of these trimmers exactly as you describe and it still works. It has a steel tube handle and one wheel on the right side.

Question: Determining the Value of a 1953 Craftsman Reel Mower

How or where can I find the value of a 1953 craftsman reel mower?

By Morris

Question: Determining the Value of an Old Reel Mower

I found a hand push mower. The company name is Success American Mower Company. I think it is out of Indiana. The roller in front of the wheels is wooden and so is the handle. Just curious to see if it's worth anything. Thanks.


Most Recent Answer

By Joe09/10/2010

It might be worth $100 to a collector but to most people not more than $15 for garden decor. I would keep it and use it in your garden for decoration.

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