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Getting the Shine Out of a Black Dress


I have a black dress that is made of rayon and acetate. I accidently ironed the dress without turning it inside out. The material is now shiny. How can I get rid of the shine??


By Doug (Guest Post) 11/12/2004 Flag

Did you get an answer as I have the same problem with 2 pairs of black pants that developed a sheen after a few drycleanings

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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 11/12/2004 Flag

It looks like from all I've read that you need to use a press cloth to keep the sheen from forming. A press cloth is any kind of lintless cotton cloth (a piece of old sheet, a tea towel or hankerchief)

From a T-Fal Iron Site:

"Take extra care with certain fabrics.
Iron all silks on the reverse side. Cultivated silks should be ironed when damp, but should not be sprayed because they may spot; raw silks should be ironed when dry. Velvet, acrylics, corduroy, embroidered pieces and synthetic leathers should also be pressed inside out. Place a clean towel or blanket on the ironing board to prevent any unwanted sheen.

Tip: Pressing wool or dark fabric slacks often creates a shiny look. To avoid any unwanted sheen, use a cloth or an old handkerchief."

From Niagara Starch Site:

"The fabric is shiny. Some dark fabrics look shiny after ironing. Next time, iron these items inside out or use a press cloth. It will reduce or eliminate unwanted sheen."

Susan at ThriftyFun

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By Edwin (Guest Post) 08/23/2007 Flag

There are two ways:
1. Take a cloth and wet with vinegar (not apple cider). Clean shiny fabric with cloth. Wash and then iron with wet and wrung humid ironing cloth between iron and dress.
2. Same as above except with cold coffee. Only for dark clothes.

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