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Copper from Old TV Cords

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Last week someone left a nice big TV our building's garbage area with note on it saying it works great, just needs a remote. I carried it home, only to find that the power cord had been cut off. The TV had been there less than an hour. In the past year I have seen many electrical devices with the cord cut off. I always assumed that meant they didn't work.

I've since been told by two people that the cords are cut off to sell the copper. I found on the internet that the price of copper has gone up a lot in the past year.

So if you've seen cords cut off appliances lately, that explains it. You might want to advertise any old appliances that you think someone could use rather than leaving them around where their cords are likely to be cut off. And if the appliance is really dead, you might want to cut the cord off to reclaim the copper.

By Karen from Toronto, ON


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By Jennifer (Guest Post)08/09/2008

Or the TV could have belonged to a teenager who was grounded from television but insisted on having her way and her mother cut the cord off.

By LeAnn [1]05/24/2008

Also any buildings on your property that have electricity that have been turned off to them watch them closely. In the area where I live people have been stripping the wiring out of walls of buildings to get the copper out of the wiring. Just a word of caution.

By Kim Churchman [3]05/23/2008

And you can buy a new cord for your TV and have a great bargain! Someone good with electronics can install the cord, it's simple. I have done it, and I'm no expert!

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