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Removing Lime Deposits

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To remove lime deposit, heat white vinegar to boiling point, then pour over fixtures. This will release or remove lime deposits.

By duckie-do from Cortez,


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By Jean02/10/2011

I tried this immediately after reading, I have a problem with lime deposits in my tubs and sinks. Worked like a charm! vinegar is cheaper than cleaners and not toxic or bad for the environment. Thanks for the great idea.

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Archive: Removing Lime Deposits from Steam Iron

I'm looking for a method to clean lime deposits from inside a steam iron. Thanks, 4sam

RE: Removing Lime Deposits from Steam Iron

This is what I do with my iron: Pour vinegar into the iron and turn it up high to steam, let it sit on high until the vinegar has steamed out. Then you will have to repeat the process with water. (08/23/2004)

By Ann