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Burn Mark on Countertop


How do I remove a burn mark from a hot pan on a Formica countertop?

By Chris from Wilmington, NC


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It is almost impossible to repair an area of a formica countertop so it will blend in. You are better off to replace or paint it. Here are instructions for painting.

The link below is for painting laminate countertops. I am including it because it tells how to sponge paint a countertop, so if you want, you could use the proper formica paint and primer, but maybe use a sponge and apply different colors of paint. ... int-a-laminate-countertop/index.html

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By yachanna5127 1 07/15/2013

I recently put a pyrex dish on my churches formica countertop. I sanded the bunt area and mixed matching Epozy glue and acrylic paints since it was a swirled pattern. I built these layers up slowly about 4-5 for the paint to reach the same indention height as the burn. Each coating I applied just to the burnt area wiping the area around it with a wash rag. As it dried I rubbed across the burn carefully to smooth out the paint. After 4-5 layers or when it looked right I let it dry overnight. If there were any raised areas I would scrape off with a putty knife carefully. In the morning I sealed it with a sealer and it is completely unnoticable!

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I recently put a hot pan on my countertop while reaching for a plate and now I have a semicircle burn mark on my countertop. Is there any way that this will ever come off.



RE: Burn Mark on Countertop

We also have a burn mark on our countertop. I'm not sure how long the pan sat or how hot it was as it happened when someone else stayed in our house. When we found it, we used baking soda and the scrubby side of a sponge. It lightened it but would not totally eliminate the mark as the mark goes deep into the counter.

You have to be VERY CAREFUL doing this as it also lightens and takes the finish off the countertop. For us, it couldn't get much worse so we were willing to risk it and it helped but know that it could make it worse!

Post by Diane(/font)

RE: Burn Mark on Countertop

Well, if nothing else works and replacing the counter is too expensive, contact paper can actually look like a brand-new countertop, when applied very carefully!

Post by(/font) (userlink:ver1027579)julie_gustafson(/userlink)

Archive: Burn Mark on Countertop

How do you get a burn stain off a formica countertop?

im68300 from New Jersey

RE: Burn Mark on Countertop

Try Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. From comments on this website, it seems to be the answer for almost every problem.....and it has worked for everything I have tried it on. (03/23/2006)

By Claudia-MD

RE: Burn Mark on Countertop

Thank you for your help. I just burned my countertop and I read some of your suggestions, one of which was try Mr. Arm and Hammer Magic Eraser, well I did, but in addition I put Oxy Clean powder on the counter. There is a very, very dull mark still left but only visible to myself because I know it existed. Thanks again (05/03/2006)

Archive: Burn Mark on Countertop

I have placed a hot pyrex glass on my kitchen countertop and now it has left a burnt mark. I'm not too sure of the material of the countertop. Does anyone know how to get rid of the burnt mark, without replacing the countertop? Minuet

RE: Burn Mark on Countertop

I put a nice cutting board over mine! (05/23/2007)

By Roberta

RE: Burn Mark on Countertop

Whoever figured out that mr cleans magic eraser would remove burns from formica.... THANK YOU! I didn't believe it at first but I had no other options so I tried it... and IT WORKED! You can still see it a little but it sat for months. I wish I had a before and after. (07/02/2007)

By nicole

RE: Burn Mark on Countertop

I tried the magic eraser and it did nothing on my burn mark. I tried it several times. I have formica. My husband took a small paring knife and scraped the brown ring very lightly and it took the brown off and looks a ton better. My counters are a very light color. (09/28/2007)

By Kim

Archive: Burn Mark on Countertop

I have a burn mark on my sand colored formica counter top. How can I remove it?

Robin from Oviedo, FL

RE: Burn Mark on Countertop

I read somewhere that toothpaste takes burn marks out and I was skeptical until the burn mark was gone 15 seconds later! (06/24/2008)

By Kate

RE: Burn Mark on Countertop

Find a matching spray paint, whatever gloss type you want and spray paint the whole counter of the area affected. I tried toothpaste, Oxyclean and magic eraser. None of that worked. (06/26/2008)

By Rhonda

RE: Burn Mark on Countertop

I was reading all theses tips on the internet and I thought what the heck, why not put them together, so I did. Rubbing alcohol, toothpaste and baking soda. Mix them all up and you should get a pasty mix, put it on the stain and let sit. It should come right up. Good luck. (08/02/2008)

By pam

Archive: Burn Mark on Countertop

I need to remove burn mark on work top. Can you help?


RE: Burn Mark on Countertop

Years ago I burned my countertop with a hot pan. So my ingenious husband cut out an area just the size of 4 small decorative tiles and grouted them in on either side of my stove. Now I have two built in hot pads whenever I need one. (08/20/2008)

By cajunangel

RE: Burn Mark on Countertop

We had a burn mark on a synthetic marble counter from the previous owners. I tried other things, but just used Kit "Scratch Out" for automobile paint. It worked great. Plus it polishes the surface afterward. (08/30/2008)

By Fran

RE: Burn Mark on Countertop

Thank you, awesome. I would have never thought of it, but using toothpaste did the trick. (10/14/2008)

By Angel

RE: Burn Mark on Countertop

I have a counter top that's that plastic type surface. I used the old fashioned metal scrubber, some toothpaste, and bleach cleaner. I scrubbed a few times, and it was gone, no evidence of a burn mark. (02/15/2009)

By Ashley

Archive: Burn Mark on Countertop


Burn Mark on Countertop
*** How can I repair or hide burnt/melted Formica on kitchen countertops? I set down a burnt pot on the Formica countertop and it burned and partially melted in some spots the Formica layer. Not very smart of me, I know.

Are there any fixes to conceal the burnt spots besides replacing the Formica countertop? I've attached a picture. The black spots are burnt and melted plastic.

By stam19 from San Diego, CA

RE: Burn Mark on Countertop

I really don't think there is much you can do about it but to paint it. If you follow the directions on this website of people who have painted their counter tops, it should look good as new. I burned mine awhile back too and got a new counter top because I was afraid painting it would not hold up. (03/12/2010)

By Laniegirl

Archive: Burn Mark on Countertop

I burned a ring in my white laminate countertop so I decided to sand it out and simply put polyurethane on it, thinking it would turn out like the rest of the counter. It did not, the polyurethane dried brownish yellow.What can I do?


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