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Cleaning Converse Chuck Taylor's

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My white converse low-top tennis shoes are starting to look kinda dirty. I wondered if I could put them in the wash machine without harm. They are just white canvas low-top Chuck Taylor's, but I love them and don't want to mess them up. Any ideas, suggestions, or tips?

Randi from Vacaville, CA



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By Fidele (Guest Post)07/26/2008

Thanks I was about to put them in the dryer.

By hannah (Guest Post)05/27/2008

Thanks for that. I was two second away from putting mine in the dryer.
Now I know :]

By christine (Guest Post)04/29/2008

I have washed the white ones, but after drying, it leaves a horrible yellow border near the soles. How can I remove it? Thanks

By steph (Guest Post)11/11/2007

oh well reading that helped me out!
i need them for The Killers concert tomorrow night in melbourne (australia) and my boyfriends new dog took my brand new low-top converses from the front porch last week and left them in the rain and mud! i was so angry! haha thankyou guys =)

By Laura11/15/2006

Throw them in wash(I do mine with the towels). I also live in Floirda so I put mine upside down over the a blower on the a/c unit outside and they dry in about an hour. It is great. Oh and don't use any bleach it discolors the bottom rubber portion.

By (Guest Post)11/14/2006

I always wash canvas shoes in the washer. Stuff the toes with old grocery bags and air dry.

By Paul Ziegenfuss [9]11/14/2006

If they're white it shouldn't matter whether you put them in the sun, they're faded anyway:)

By Paul Ziegenfuss [9]11/14/2006

Wash em in the washing machine, but hang them dry in the sun outside or you might risk delaminating the soles from the uppers if you do them in the dryer.
Just a thought.

By Brenda11/14/2006 make sure you dry in shade sun can cause discoloration

By asparagusplague (Guest Post)11/14/2006

I've washed plenty of runners in the washing machine. A cold wash with regular soap always worked fine and air drying.

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