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Soft Homemade Bread


When making home made bread, my mom always noticed it would be a little dry once it came out of the oven. She decided to try a few things to help it out. She would put 1 1/2 cups of milk into the batter when mixing and, low and behold, it works! Her bread is light and fluffy and not dry!

Source: My Mom

By JodiT from Aurora. CO


By OliveOyl 602 01/06/2011

Put some oil or butter into the recipe, it will be more moist. Use about 2 tablespoons per loaf. You can also brush the loaf with melted butter when it comes out of the oven to keep the crust from drying out.

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For soft homemade bread, I knead my dough on a lightly floured board first for 5 minutes with floured hands. Then I spray the counter with Pam and knead that way for the other 5 minutes. Keep spraying counter as needed. Also spray counter when forming into loaves. Using less flour when mixing the dough could also help. Good luck on your next batch of dough.

By jeanstreetr from Combined Locks, WI


RE: Soft Homemade Bread

I am going to be honest about this. I never knead my bread dough. I make bread, rolls and sweet rolls that are light and soft. I mix warm milk, butter instant yeast, one egg, sugar and a pinch of salt then flour until it is sticky and let it rise. I punch it down and make my loaves, rolls or sweet rolls and let them rise then bake. Voila'! Great every time. (09/14/2010)

By Lilac