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Leo (Tabby Cat)

Black, gray, and white tabby.

Leo is a 3 year old tabby cat. He was given to us. He likes to get into everything and loves to have his picture taken.

By Lorraine from Ocala, FL

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By Nicole [8]06/30/2006


By nelliemary [19]06/29/2006

This is such a pretty cat! He looks like my Teeter Cat. You can tell by looking at his photo that he has a loving home. He will be a joy in your life as mine is. Give him a chin scratch from me. meows and wuffs from my animals to yours.

By (Guest Post)06/28/2006

What a wonderful picture. Leo looks like he is posing for a Cat magazine. Beautiful cat.

By Jennifer Nelson [1]06/28/2006

Lorraine, he is BEAUTIFUL! I see a happy kitty face! You both are so lucky to have each other :-)

Northern Virginia

By Donna (Guest Post)06/28/2006

I love your tabby cat Leo-we had a tabby named Tiger for 15 1/2 years and just had to put him down in May(due to his fight with diabetes for 2yrs). Your leo brightens my day! Thankyou

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