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Coffee is Making Me Sick


I've drunk coffee for years and all of a sudden it doesn't taste good and sometimes it makes me sick to my stomach. What could cause that reaction? I love my coffee and I think I may have to give it up.

By ladydragonfly13 from GA


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By Clinton Nichols 17 07/13/2009 Flag

Have you talked to your doctor? Your body could be telling you to cut out the coffee for a reason.

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By Frances Adams 11 554 07/13/2009 Flag

Coffee is an irritant to the stomach. You could also be having some type of problem, such as ulcers or GERD or just excess acid, that your doctor will need to know about, and try to find a reason and treatment for.

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By rjw 14 8 07/14/2009 Flag

Thank you for all the suggestions and input, it's greatly appreciated!

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By Sheila A. 9 07/15/2009 Flag

I am in the same boat and I can tell you that it is the acid in the coffee that upsets our stomachs. As the economy has sunk lower, coffee companies have started to use cheaper and cheaper coffee beans in their brew. The result is a bitter and more acid cup of coffee. Coffee roasted darker (like French Roast) is milder and less acidic. Also, some coffee like Colombian is less acidic. Just because you have been drinking the same brand of coffee for years doesn't mean that they haven't changed their recipe mix of beans that goes into that brand. Experiment a little and you may find a good, low acid coffee that your like. My favorite is Sumatran and it is a kind of coffee, not a blend. You can find it from online or at your local grocery where I live. I have seen it by the pound at Starbucks. Hope this helps.

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By Sandi Miller 1 07/15/2009 Flag

I too love coffee and have been drinking it since I was 13 years old. The only time I couldn't even stand the smell of coffee was when I was pregnant and in my first trimester.

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By Carolyn Phillips 11 34 07/15/2009 Flag

My 90-year-old aunt told me to add a little dried, ground chicory in my coffee grounds (before brewing). It worked for me. Contrary to popular belief, chicory does not make coffee stronger but it does make brewed coffee a little darker.

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By P 2 56 07/15/2009 Flag

The advice so far is good, but if all else fails, try cold-water coffee! I assume the makers are still sold, essentially you steep the grounds (by the way, if you don't grind your own, get a $10 coffee mill and enjoy better coffee) 24 hours, put some essence in a cup and add hot water.
The cold water steeping prevents some of the acidity and waxes that irritate many people from entering the brew.

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By Cindy 7 160 07/15/2009 Flag

The only coffee that gives me a stomach ache like that is Maxwell House Master Blend. Have you changed brands of coffee?

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By Louise B. 6 2,503 07/15/2009 Flag

I am a coffee drinker, but several years ago, I had to quit anything with caffeine -- tea was worse than coffee, the General Foods International Coffees the worst of all, Coke not so bad. I switched to decaf and herbal teas for several years, and, gradually re-introduced regular coffee and tea.

I now drink way too much coffee, but do not have any problems. I suspect that the reaction was stress related, although I was on maternity leave at the time, so I didn't think I was stressed. Anyway, the condition came on quite suddenly, and disappeared on its own a couple of years later. I have no idea really why. I suspect that some allergies come and go. Do you have the same reaction to tea and colas and decaf?

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By susan winship 4 405 07/15/2009 Flag

Buy single blend coffee and use a drip pot. Try fewer cups. The coffee tastes better and it really will not give you that heartburn that blended coffees will. I use 8:00 coffee (5.00$#Italian roast). I went to a conference, drank more than 2 cups of the percolated coffee that they had and was afraid I was going to have a heart attack. I cut the coffee out completely for the week (tea doesn't really replace coffee for a wake-me-up) and haven't had any symptoms since. I usually drink 10-12 oz in the AM.

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By Darla 24 179 07/20/2009 Flag

Try Folger's Half-Calf and see if that helps. That's what I starting drinking when I'm at home.

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By Marisa 1 01/18/2010 Flag

I have recently started drinking the new cafe lattes made by General Mills International Coffees. I make them with milk instead of water because I prefer very creamy coffee. Today I had terrible heartburn and abdominal pain after drinking a cup of it. I noticed that when I add the mix to the hot milk it crackles. I believe that there are some toxic ingredients in this coffee. Has anyone else had a similar experience with the International Coffees?

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By Jack GB 1 03/05/2015 Flag

Try drinking a high alkaline mineral water after morning coffee. I've been doing it for over a year and it really helps my stomach feel better. The one I like best is Crazy Water #3 from Mineral Wells, Texas, but all high alkaline waters should help!

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