Freezing Ketchup


Can ketchup be frozen?

Sandra from PA



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By Babette 35 232 02/04/2009

I'd do not know about Ketchup but I have frozen chili sauce (spicy ketchup) I bought a gallon can, put a cup in sandwich size freezer bag and then those bags inside of a large freezer bag.
It never freezes solid; I had over two years worth of chili sauce.

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By Shel (Guest Post) 02/04/2009

Yes, just be sure to place it in an airtight container and leave room for expansion during the freezing process. I would recommend using a vacuum sealer if you have one and placing it in the recommended bags for your sealer. I would try to use it up within the year if at all possible.

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By Marilyn A. (Guest Post) 02/06/2009

Yes, you can. I am a great advocate of bulk buying and freezing, and I have found that just about everything freezes well. My only disappointments have been sour cream and milk.

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By JazzyMe [12] 05/19/2012

Yep! Just leave some space at the top of the container as the water in the ketchup will expand.

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