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Reusing Postage Stamps

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I just received a package from an individual on ebay that I purchased. The stamps are dated Oct 31, 08 and Dec 11, 08. Does this mean that these stamps were reused? Is this illegal and if so, how do I report and to whom?




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Wow, I have much better ways to spend my time.

By Fionar Booker02/15/2009

Are you serious? The seller probably just printed out the earlier stamps in October and December and never used them until he shipped your package. What is there to report? We print stamps all the time and when we don't use them on the printed date, we use them whenever. We have to pay in advance for that postage so it's good until postage rates change....nothing illegal there.

By Memere (Guest Post)02/11/2009

Remember, too, that you paid the seller for postage to ship the item to you. If the seller did indeed reuse stamps (yes, it is not permitted), then you got ripped off too along with the post office. I do agree, that reused stamps should have been caught by the post office, but then again, no system is perfect.

By Shellim (Guest Post)02/11/2009

I agree. This should be brought to the Post Offices' attention just in case there is an issue. Also, I know you cannot reuse the same stamps once they've been barcoded. They probably are prepaid stamps. However if they are not and someone is trying to skirt the system, they should be taken to task. The rest of us have to pay for our stamps. So should they. On the last note, disregard the post regarding 'do gooders' and 'jumping to conclusions' and 'putting too much emphasis on their own works, and feel the entire world must live up to their standards." The point trying to be made was valid, 'not jumping to conclusions and taking into consideration there are different circumstances that can account for an outdated stamp, or even a mistake. It was just very worded and insulting.

By susan [5]02/11/2009

I'd definitely talk to the seller, but I'm not sure that I'd turn the person in. I don't feel it is up to you to police someone else. In my opinion, do-gooders put too much emphasis on their own works, and feel the entire world must live up to their standards. This may just be the slip of a visually impaired person who is trying to make ends meet so he/she doesn't lose their house, an immigrant who still isn't familiar with our laws, or as Becca said, a label type stamp. Give the person the benefit of the doubt and contact her/him, there may not be any dishonesty involved. You really shouldn't jump to conclusions without knowing all the facts; it can do much more harm than good. Don't judge too harshly, it may come back to bite you.

By Anonymous [848]02/10/2009

You need to take the package to the Post Office for the answer and if it was illegal they will probably keep the box as evidence and will thank you for the help! If they say it was illegal then you need to notify eBay with the sellers information/eBay ID.

You're doing the right thing to find out if this was on the up and up !!! There are too many people now days who cheat and/or could give a hoot about honesty! You're a good person for taking the time to find out!

Let us know what the answer is, okay?

By Becca25 [11]02/10/2009

Is it a label type stamp? They may have bought a handful of prepaid stamps. You CAN NOT reuse stamps. The sorting machines at the post office kicks the package out if the stamp has been used ( they have a UV watermark that the machine catches if its been used ).

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