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Removing Vaseline Stains From Furniture


How do I get Vaseline stains out of fabric furniture? The stains are about a week old and I've tried dish soap, rubbing alcohol, steam cleaning and Shout. Nothing works. Any ideas?



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By Rachel Floyd 1 1 08/05/2007 Flag

Try buying some deep clarifying shampoo from a salon. It is made to remove residues from products used in hair but it got vaseline out of my daughters shirt. Vaseline is a patroleum product and grease actually gets out grease. You could spray WD40 on the stains to get them wet and loosen it up and then wash with a strong grease cutting dish detergent. Hope it works out for you.

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By louel53 (Guest Post) 08/07/2007 Flag

The previous person is correct. Vaseline is a petroleum based product, and so is not "greasy" such as a cooking oil stain. I wonder if hand cleaner such as mechanics use to clean off car grease would work? I have never had to remove Vaseline from cloth or furniture, but I know it does not dissolve in water or with soap or with detergent, so most products won't touch it. It does dissolve somewhat in oil, but that is no help in this situation really. WD40 is also worth a try. Good Luck.

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By lavonneann 6 214 08/07/2007 Flag

Try rubbing in baby powder or talcum powder. Brush out and repeat until gone. I once got tar out of brand new carpet doing this.

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By Christine (Guest Post) 08/07/2007 Flag

You might want to use a brown paper bag and an iron. Put the paper bag over the stain and iron over the stain. The paper should soak the vaseline out. Just be careful not to put hot iron on the fabric without the paper. It could burn a hole in your fabric.
We used this on our church altar where candle wax had dripped all over the carpet. It worked!!

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By Dana 1 60 08/27/2007 Flag

After reading these replies, I was wondering if you had tried SPOT SHOT CARPET STAIN REMOVER? I use it on nearly every stain I find and have found that it works wonderfully. Directions are included on the spray bottle. Please note that I haven't found any discoloration yet in my usage of it....but, do test any given area just to be sure. I think you will be happy with this product.

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By Lardin Finkle (Guest Post) 09/16/2008 Flag

Rub toothpaste on it.

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