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Hillbilly Party Ideas


Our church is having our yearly picnic and we've decided on a hillbilly theme. Any cute ideas would be appreciated.

Bonnie from Zion, Illinois



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By Julie 48 564 04/04/2008 Flag

Some hay bales maybe 3 stacked with 2 beside each other and the 3rd on top and drape some red or blue bandannas across the top. Use a big metal tub in the top center one filled with ice and the drinks in cans or bottles. Use the other 2 bails and see if any kids you know has the horses on stick toys. Poke them through the center of the bails for your focal point for the picnic.

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By Annie Rios Hill 14 1,777 04/05/2008 Flag

Lots of red and white checkered table cloths, hillbilly food, and post funny signs *roadkill specials*

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By Linda 3 2 04/05/2008 Flag

String yards and yards of clothesline on posts around the perimeter of your party and hang from it jeans, overalls, flannel workshirts, etc...

Make an outhouse from a refrigerator box... be sure to cut a moon crescent in the door!

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By anita 5 6 04/05/2008 Flag

Cool idea =) If your looking to raise money.. you can have a mock wedding set up. Something simple where people can go and pretend to have a wedding. If anyone can donate used veils, gowns or white oversized dresses you can charge a couple of dollars extra for the use of those items. Maybe offer a package deal where the bride gets to wear a dress or veil, use some fake flowers, get a fake certificate and an instant photo of her "big day" for a $10.00 - $20.00 donation. Or a veil, flowers and certificate for $5.00. Great fun for the young and old. You can also do a Mock Jail booth where people pay to send someone away and friends and family have to bail them out ;) You can also have an old pick up truck with chicken coops, hay and old junk as a photo spot. If you have an instant camera you can raise money by doing photo spots for people for a donation to the church ;) Have fun =) (oh... games.. horseshoes, corn on the cob eating contest, pie bake off, cake walk. )

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By Kim Churchman 3 1,277 04/06/2008 Flag

All the Jeff Foxworthy humor would apply, you might print up signs with some of his material. "you know you're a redneck when..." And of course how about a couple of live goats? Keep the goats safe as well as the people, no dogs running loose, no kids near horns. Best of all would be someone who has milkers, who could challenge everyone to learn to milk. And how about a shotgun wedding and and beverages poured out of brown jugs like moonshine?

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By Joan 2 15 07/22/2008 Flag

I have used half of a page of Sunday funnies for a placemat, odds & ends of different kinds of paper napkins, a soda pop bottle to hold a flower, serve beans in a tin can, decorate with all kinds of different holiday decorations

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