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Candle wax off carpet?

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How can I get wax from a candle off a carpet?

By Sherry from Onset, MA


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By sherry [25]05/04/2010

Thank You All- Alot I will try these tips.

By Dorothy [40]04/30/2010

You peel of the hard part of the candle,then fold paper towel or blotting paper and place it on the candle wax and iron on it. It does work.


There are oodles of answers in the ThriftyFun archives below ;-) Read the ones about using a clothes iron and paper bags or paper towels.

By Sue04/29/2010

If it has set I used a blow dryer. It will probably take a while if its a very big spot.


Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Candle wax off carpet?

How do you get candle wax off carpet?

RE: Candle wax off carpet?

Hi, I know the best way to remove wax off carpet. All you need is an iron and a brown paper bag. Take a brown paper bag and put it over the stain. Use the warm iron to go over the brown paper bag. The bag will "suck up" all the wax and your carpet will be clean! Try it, you won't believe your eyes! I managed to remove a two year old wax stain in no time.

Good luck! (12/01/2003)

By Isabelle

RE: Candle wax off carpet?

I recommend the brown paper bag and iron as well. It worked for me and I have suggested it to two friends and they couldn't believe it was so easy! (03/12/2004)

By Lisa

RE: Candle wax off carpet?

You can also use paper towels covered with aluminum foil. Iron over foil and heat will melt wax and absorb into towel.

I had one of those expensive overrated three-wick candles from a known candle company that got a hot spot (that they claimed their candles did not get) and a hole formed in the side of the candle pouring wax all over an antique doily, a wood table, a decorator basket and my carpet. This method worked on EVERYTHING.

For lumpy items like the basket, I would recommend taping the towel to the basket and pressing the steam button so as not to burn your fingers. As wax melts, it will drip onto towel and be absorbed. (05/07/2004)

By Tawnda

RE: Candle wax off carpet?

I sure hope the brown paper bag method works. Thanks for the advice. (06/10/2004)

By Channon

RE: Candle wax off carpet?

Strange as it may sound, it made a believer out of me! Thanks for the helpful tips. (11/02/2004)

By Tate T.

RE: Candle wax off carpet?

It worked like a charm. I was very impressed. Thought my carpet was ruined, but the brown bag and iron really worked. (11/27/2004)

By Darlene Parent

RE: Candle wax off carpet?

I tried the iron thing and it burnt my carpet. (02/08/2005)

By Susie

RE: Candle wax off carpet?

It's very important to use a warm iron, not hot, set at its lowest setting, otherwise you can scorch the carpet. Synthetic fibers like nylon burn easily and because replacing carpets is expensive, take great care. You can also use several layers of paper towel or cover the paper bag or towel with a cotton towel.
Susan from ThriftyFun (02/08/2005)

By ThriftyFun

RE: Candle wax off carpet?

Thanks so much for the tip. The brown paper bag and warm ironed worked great. :) (02/14/2005)

By Chuck

RE: Candle wax off carpet?

Hallelujah! The iron and paper bag trick W-O-R-K-E-D! (03/12/2006)

By Kate

RE: Candle wax off carpet?

A two year old candle wax stain on carpet and the brown bag and iron deal picked it right up. Unbelievable! Thanks to whomever shared the info first. (03/15/2006)

By Mark

RE: Candle wax off carpet?

The paper bag and iron thing really works. You can also use normal paper. It works just as well, but make sure you've got a couple of sheets. (03/18/2006)

By Stephanie

RE: Candle wax off carpet?

Thank you, Oh Paper Bag Guru! My carpet is saved! (11/28/2006)

By Suzanne

RE: Candle wax off carpet?

Great tip! Worked brilliantly. (12/14/2006)

By Helen

RE: Candle wax off carpet?

I have scraped off as much as I could and removed the rest by ironing with a doubled paper towel to melt the candle and absorb the grease. There may be a grease stain remaining, which you can take out with spot removed for grease. There may be problems with colored candles, though, as the coloring may still stain your carpet. Then you might consider trimming the spot - I have even filled in spots on a shag with clean fibers from the edge, which I glued in! (05/25/2007)

By pamphyila

RE: Candle wax off carpet?

I used a double paper towel, a few of them when the oil started melting and had no problem removing red wax off a beige carpet. I did put the iron on the next to lowest setting and when I still saw red, I put the nose of the iron directly on the carpet, then a paper towel underneath when I saw more red! It worked great and did not need a grease cleaner. (07/06/2007)

By Suzanne

RE: Candle wax off carpet?

Thank you to all the wonderful people that saved my carpet. I had no idea what or how to do this without your help. It worked! (07/27/2007)

By Roxi/Bemidji, MN

RE: Candle wax off carpet?

Thanks for all the help. My brother just recently got married and before he did, his fiance and her two kids and his son all lived together and somehow out of the three kids, one of them encouraged the other two to pour red wax on a beige floor. Now the sister is trying to get the wax up. (10/09/2007)

By Candace

RE: Candle wax off carpet?

Thanks for the great tips, you saved me from a really bad candle wax situation! I also just used normal white paper which worked fine when I ran out of brown paper. (10/21/2007)

RE: Candle wax off carpet?

Brown paper bag with iron worked great. (11/27/2007)

RE: Candle wax off carpet?

Do the paper bag and an iron, it works awesome! I used the paper lunch bag and the iron at normal ironing temperature. (02/18/2008)

By David

RE: Candle wax off carpet?

Thank you all! I've been crying about the wax on my couch. After the paper bag and 4 minutes, never knew it was there! (03/14/2008)

RE: Candle wax off carpet?

The brown paper bag and LOW iron really worked. You made a believer out of me. I spilled red wax all over my cream colored carpet. I am a fanatic. I ironed it out. But, the black from the candle wick was still there. I used soap and water to get that out. Thanks. (03/22/2008)

By Nancy

RE: Candle wax off carpet?

This really worked. I had it on a pretty low setting at first, but I put the iron on 4, and it started working right away. It looks as if nothing was there. I would suggest going no higher than 4. And paper towels work just fine. (07/03/2008)

By Ms. Savage

RE: Candle wax off carpet?

Incredible. I'm trying to sell my home and was frantic about an unsightly wax stain, but this worked in under a minute. Thank you! (10/27/2008)

RE: Candle wax off carpet?

Yes, it even works for Nair Hair Removal Wax! Unbelievable. (01/07/2009)

By Michele

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