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Baking Soda and Dishwashing Liquid For Soap Scum


I have not been a member very long, but I love this site and have put to good use many of the tips. I want to tell anyone reading this, that the tip about a paste of baking soda and Dawn dish-washing liquid to clean shower walls has given me the cleanest shower with the least effort in many years.

We recently went back to using bar soap, because the body wash products were giving us a musty drain smell. As you know bar soap will give a build up. Simply wipe it off with this paste for a "brand new" smooth feel. It even worked on the heavy shower curtain; it is like new and squeaky clean. I took the extra step of spraying everything with a vinegar and water rinse and used a squeegee and towel to shine.

By Jean F. from Maritime, Canada


By Jennetta Chan 8 08/14/2010 Flag

Thank you so much for the idea, this is exactly what I've been looking for. How much baking soda and Dawn liquid soap should I use?

Thank you

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By Teri Van Hecke 7 110 08/17/2010 Flag

Jean, thank you so much. FarFar, I mixed this so that the paste was the consistency of soft cake frosting! When I used up the first batch it was easy enough to mix another batch for the next bathroom. I have a little left over, so I'm curious to see if it "holds"! But, what a wonderful home remedy - my shower doors were the pits and nothing, nothing, was working and believe me, I tried all the suggestions from this site! This paste is my new favorite! It does require a little extra rinsing, but so what? The final look is worth it!

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By MAG 3 08/26/2010 Flag

This is incredible, I've tried every cleaner for this problem recently and nothing worked, not even near what the fancy (and pricey) cans, bottles, and "magic" sponges claimed. I just found this site today, tried this and was amazed! Thank you!

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