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Reviews of Scentsy Products

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I was just wondering if Scentsy products are worth the money? Do they smell good and does the smell actually last? Also, about how much does their stuff cost? I am thinking about ordering one of their plug-ins for my sister's birthday, so any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

By Mindy


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By Michelle Landreth [15]05/24/2011

I love mine! My future sister-in-law gave me one of hers and I absolutely love it. My bulb blew in it shortly after I got it and I have to get another one. I don't know how long she'd had it, (I think over a year) so that was to be expected. They make your whole house smell like heaven!

By Mindy [12]05/23/2011

Thanks for the info! I'll definitely check out that website. And thanks kwazz for the info about the discontinued items, if I do buy some, I'll check them out! Thanks again!

By Marilyn Vandekieft [2]05/23/2011

Don't even think of it, and remove any room fragrances that you have. There are harmful chemicals in room fragrances. See: and:

If a product says "fragrance" anywhere on the label, it is a synthetic chemical fragrance that can be very harmful. The only safe room "fragrance" should come from natural oils. This is explained in the above sites.

By Robbie [5]05/23/2011

I love Scentsy products and highly recommend them! Their containers are lovely and their scents really do smell nice. I have one of the nightlights and use it every night in my bathroom. If you go to their website, you can look at discontinued containers to save a little money. The scents last a really long time, so you don't go thru them as much as other products out there. Hope you like them as much as I do!

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