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Musty Smelling Pillows

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Does anyone know how to get a musty smell out of pillows and linens?

By momssspecialangel


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By Kim McGrantham [16]05/12/2009

Throw them in the dryer with a few bounce sheets. I do this all the time.

By Noella [9]04/27/2009

You also might try washing with detergent and bleach. Hang the linens outside in warm or hot sunshine.
Make sure you dry the pillows in your dryer with tennis balls or drying balls. A new (very clean) tennis shoe would also work to fluff up the pillow. After the pillow is dry, hang outside in the sun to freshen even more.

By Cricket [201]04/27/2009

I simply spray mine down really good with Febreze then set them outside in the sun for the day. By the time the sun goes down, they are fresh as new again!

By Judi [17]04/21/2009

I agree with MCW. Wash in warm water and use vinegar instead of detergent. Or use detergent and vinegar instead of fabric softener. Dry in the sun if possible.

By mcw [80]04/21/2009

Use a white vinegar and water solution!

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