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Pen Ink on Mattress

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My dog chewed on a pen on my bed and black ink got on the sheets and bled through to the mattress. How should I get it out of the linens and the mattress?

Elaia from Baton Rouge, LA



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By suzi_homemaker01 (Guest Post)02/23/2006

Try a product called Awesome. It can be found at Dollar Trees and General Dollar Stores for 1.00!

By debbie (Guest Post)02/18/2006

I'm not sure about your mattress, but I used "Spot Shot" to get out all the ink in my brand new homes carpet when my puppy chewed a pen up. I also used it on my mattress when one of my dogs was "sick" and vomited on the mattress while I was away also. It worked great. I wouldn't be without it. Can't even tell where the ink was today........Debbie

By oredwine1933 (Guest Post)02/17/2006

Three thoughts come to mind for removing the ink. Number one would be to try hair spray directly on the spots. Then use a brush to agitate and blot with towels. Another one is a product called "OOPS" at the hardware store. It is handy in removing many kinds of spots.Third is to spray WD40 on the area. Hope this helps.

By siris (Guest Post)02/17/2006

Spot shot the carpet cleaner does an awesome job of removing ink

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