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Removing Sharpie From Vinyl Bus Seats


Help! One of my little darlings on my SCHOOL BUS wrote some pretty nasty graffiti on my bus seat with a SHARPIE.

I noticed a couple questions about this on the board, but did not find an answer.
The seats are a rough vinyl.

Currently I have tried GOO B GONE, Magic Eraser, and Goof Off!


Christine from Fairfax, Virginia



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By Tiffany Rohe (Guest Post) 10/16/2007 Flag

I have recently discovered that Mary Kay Oil-Free Makeup remover will remove nearly anything- including permanent marker. I actually use it to remove marks from my walls- I have a flat finish and it doesn't leave a mark. If you don't have a MK Consultant just go to Trust me -the $13.00 is definitely worth it.

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By Rita (Guest Post) 10/17/2007 Flag

Try rubbing alcohol first. If that doesn't work, I'm pretty sure nail polish remover would. Since the seats are vinyl, it shouldn't harm them - Clean any residue off after though.

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By Julie 48 564 10/17/2007 Flag

Try hand cleaner, the kind men use on their hands after working on cars when the hands are real dirty and greasy. My husband sugested I use some on marks our grandson left on the kitchen floor (linoleum) and it worked. Since then I have used it for removing paint dropped on floors lip stick stains and ink marks, paint on my hands, etc. Just let it set for a few minutes on your problem area and then rub off. And wash your area again with a clean wet cloth. That stuff is also wonderful to remove stains from any type clothing. Just rub it in a let set then wash in the laundry as usual. It comes in scented and colored type. But I just buy the clear white kind. You can find it in your dollar stores in a small plastic round tub for $1.00 and it's found in the hardware section or the automotive section at walmart. I now keep some in my laundry room for all my cleaning needs.

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By lorettab (Guest Post) 10/17/2007 Flag

Hi, Buy a can of graffiti remover at the hardware store. Loretta

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By Milenda (Guest Post) 10/17/2007 Flag

You can try Lysol Disinfectant spray. It takes paint right off the walls! It is also not a bad thing to have on the bus anyways for cleaning/disinfecting.

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By Kim Churchman 3 1,277 10/17/2007 Flag

If worst comes to worst, you will have to paint over the graffiti with some spray paint.

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By Kim McGrantham 16 160 10/18/2007 Flag

During the Xmas holiday I personalize ornaments at the mall. The ornaments are mostly made of resin. We use a permanent sharpie to personalize and use this little tiny jar of "enamel thinner" from the hobby shop to erase any can get it at an art shop too.. its only a couple bucks. We just dip a Qtip into it and rub it right off. Nail polish remover & alcohol wont remove it... but I know for a fact this stuff will.

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By (Guest Post) 10/18/2007 Flag

Great Tips! I will treasure the input you have all given.

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By Christine Audi 14 15 10/19/2007 Flag

Thank you to everybody that took the time to reply-I am certain these tips will come in handy.
Now can we BAN "SHARPIES" from schools? LOL

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By Mary Ellen Taylor (Guest Post) 04/30/2008 Flag

Thanks for the info. I drive a bus also and they are just having a great time writing on my seats. It is difficult to drive and figure out who is doing it. I tried the eraser sponge but I will try the other two today. Thanks

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By (Guest Post) 05/05/2008 Flag

Hi, umm, this happened to me except that i was the one who did it, and know I have to clean it off, except that it's with a ballpoint pen, which one of those solutions worked?

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By Jesi (Guest Post) 10/12/2008 Flag

Me and my friend drew on the bus seats, nothing bad at all, a couple of flowers in fact. We are trying to clean it off. We have tried paint thinner, graffiti/vandalism remover, soap and water, germ X. So much stuff but it won't come off! I guess I'll try the toothpaste, rubbing alcohol, expo markers, and something else.

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By Aaliyah (Guest Post) 11/18/2008 Flag

A couple of my extremely dumb friends decided to write on the back of the seat and they have til tomorrow after noon to get it off. We have tried everything to from tooth paste to nail polish remover. What really works but doesn't cost more than 5 dollars?

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