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Lavender Oil in Laundry


I started making homemade fabric softener (baking soda, vinegar). It works really well in making clothes soft! I also add lavender essential oil, as described in the recipe. It stated 5-8 drops. Well, it smells wonderful until I use it in the rinse cycle. The finished laundry has no smell at all of the lavender! I then used 1/2 bottle, still no smell on the clothes. Am I buying the wrong oil? I bought the kind you can use in making soaps, etc., at a craft store. Does anyone have any ideas why my clothes don't have the wonderful lavender smell? Thanking you in advance.

Mary from Cleveland, OH



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By Mary Lou 14 765 10/19/2007

If you want to retain the lavender smell it would be best not to put the fabric softener through the rinse cycle. A better idea might be to soak a a lint free cloth with the fabric softener and throw it in the dryer like a dryer sheet with your laundry. Also you might want to make lavender vinegar to be used in your fabric softener recipe. Crush dried lavender and toss into a bottle of plain white vinegar. Cap the bottle and let stand in dark place, shaking it about once a day for 10 days. Strain out the bits and use it in your fabric softener recipe. I like to spray lavender vinegar lightly on my clothes after they are out of the washer and pop in the dryer. Also use it to iron with for special items.

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By (Guest Post) 10/19/2007

You take the lavender oil about 4 drops put it on a slightly damp washcloth and put it in the clothes dryer and you clothes will smell wonderful. It will also work for about 8 wash loads with the same washcloth and same 5 drops. Try some lemon oil as well done the same way if you really want a fresh clean smell.

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By tyytjones (Guest Post) 10/19/2007

Go to They will give you all kinds of recipes and ways to use essential oils for cleaning and laundry and a lot of other good ideas
too. Hope this helps.

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By Mary 2 19 10/22/2007

Thank u everyone for your lavender tips. I really appreciate your responses! I hang dry outside, except in the winter, which is when I would really want the lavender smell. But I still do not use the dryer.....I hang them in my basement. (cheap electric bill!) All your input was fantastic; thanks again!

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By elva (Guest Post) 10/23/2007

Vinegar gets out all odor. So just add a few drops of your oil on a wash cloth and put in dryer.

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