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Reverse Button on Sewing Machine Stuck

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The button that you press in to make the machine sew backwards is stuck. How do I fix this problem without taking the machine apart?

By happy sewer from NC


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By Ann Winberg [282]03/25/2010

You might try just a drop of machine oil on the top of the button. Lay your machine on it's back so the oil will run in around the button and try to work it.

By kathleen williams [23]03/22/2010

Make sure that the machine is in straight stitch forward and the stitch length is the highest level that it can go. If that doesn't make it go forward, you will have to use the old hair dryer trick. Take the top lid of the machine off and heat the inside with a heated hairdryer. Work the stitch length and the reverse until it frees up. Good luck.

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