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Scuff Marks on Baseboards

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How do you get black marks off of white glossy baseboards, caused by the vacuum running up against them? Also, how to get white marks from the same thing (vacuum) off of dark polished wood?

Mel from Tampa, FL


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By trisha Pehrson (Guest Post)03/28/2006

I would use the Mr Clean magic erasers, they work terrificly!

By Miz Lou (Guest Post)03/22/2006

Mr Clean Magic Eraser. Weird sponge kind of thing that really does work like magic for that kind off thing.

By LEONA LABINE [40]03/22/2006

If the scuff marks are from a rubber bumper on the vaccum, you can remove them with toothpaste.
Just put on wait a minute and wipe off.

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