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Freezing Cooked Oatmeal

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Cooked Oatmeal

Make a large batch of oatmeal and freeze some for a quick meal later. This is a guide about freezing cooked oatmeal.


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Question: Freezing Prepared Oatmeal

I have high cholesterol and want to start eating oatmeal daily, but the instant is not effective in lowering it. Has anyone tried making oatmeal in a large batch and then freezing it in single serving sizes to reheat in the morning?


Best Answer

By Charlie. (Guest Post)03/19/2005

Use milk instead of water before freezing. Add some Equal or Splenda, sugar substitute. When defrosting in microwave, add a pinch of water. When done you may add cut bananas or raisins, or both.

Solutions: Freezing Cooked Oatmeal

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