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Removing Stickers from a Wood Door

Wood Door

Removing stickers from a wood door can be done, keeping in mind the type of finish. This is a guide about removing stickers from a wood door.



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Question: Removing Stickers From a Door

How do I clean stickers off a wooden door painted with gloss paint?

By Sam from England

Best Answers

By Monique03/19/2010

Smear with mayonnaise, leave for 20 minutes then scrape off with an old plastic credit card. I have tried every other way and this is by far the most successful method. Monique :)

Best Answers

By Trixie (Guest Post)04/14/2006

I've taught biology and chemistry for years, and we always use a steam iron set to dry mode with a damp cloth or acetone (fingernail polish remover) to remove sticky residue as well as permanent ink marker (teenagers love to mark on classroom walls as well and the acetone in the fingernail polish doesn't damage finishes). If you find the area darkened around the sticker area, you can use 409 and elbow grease to clean the wood, doesn't damage it either (mom of 7 trick, not from teaching). I wouldn't recommend the peanut butter or oil as they will seep into the wood if there is not a protective barrier in place. HOpe this helps.

Best Answers

By Monique04/01/2006

Have you tried using a hair dryer on the stickers? They usually come off straight away and then just polish off the residue with a cloth.

Good luck
Monique, UK

Best Answers

By Marnita (Guest Post)03/31/2006

"GooGone" should remove it without damaging the door. I've used this product on several different surfaces without a problem.