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Plastic Zipper Won't Work


I have a cycling Jersey with a plastic zipper that will not unzip. There is no damage to the zipper, it just won't unzip. Any ideas as to how to make it work again?

By Judy from Aiea, HI


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By metroplex 82 416 10/15/2009 Flag

Is there fabric caught in the zipper anywhere?
That usually happens to be when I can't unzip something. I just try to work the fabric out from under the zipper. Sometimes it's hard to do, but I can't offer any other suggestions.

Well, try rubbing candle wax over both sizes of the zipper (inside and outside of the garment). It couldn't hurt; use a white or beige candle though.

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By Meemaw 57 115 10/15/2009 Flag

Try rubbing a lead pencil over the zipper.

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By Barbara 20 121 10/17/2009 Flag

I also suggest rubbing candle wax over both sides and carefully try to work it down so you don't break the teeth. Clear lip gloss might work also.

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By Sandi 7 182 10/18/2009 Flag

The wax or soap should help the zipper be unzipped. Is this a plastic zipper? You should be able to spread the zipper open, then start to pull the zipper down. Short of this it might be worth putting a new zipper in if you really love this jacket and intend to keep wearing it. Good luck.

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By kitkatk100 7 77 10/18/2009 Flag

You could try putting baby oil on the zipper with a Q-tip or something similar. Make sure there is something between the zipper and the back of the jacket so it doesn't get on the jacket fabric. Good luck!

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Archive: Plastic Zipper Won't Work

I left a jacket soaking for too long and now the zipper won't work. The zipper goes up and down smoothly, but the teeth don't lock together at all. Does anyone know what causes this and how I can fix it? The zipper is not metal, it's plastic.

miz_macoo from Albany, Western Australia


RE: Plastic Zipper Won't Work

I am not sure this will help but I had a friend who would take a bar of soap and run it up and down her plastic zippers when they didn't work. It always seemed to work for her. Its worth a try. (07/08/2006)

By MollieB55

RE: Plastic Zipper Won't Work

I don't think soaking the jacket would cause it but your teeth may have become worn and wont mesh well anymore. I have fixed this problem in the past by using a pair of pliers to squeeze the zipper pull on either side where the teeth run through it. Don't apply too much pressure at first as you may close it too much to allow the pull to slide. It may take a few tries to get it work, but if worn teeth are the problem this should fix it at least for several wearings. (07/08/2006)

By Donna6397

RE: Plastic Zipper Won't Work

Thanks for the feedback guys. The reason I thought it was soaking it too long was because the zipper workd perfectly until I soaked it. I'll try the soap trick first and if that doesn't work I'll try the pliers. (07/09/2006)

By miz_macoo

Archive: Plastic Zipper Won't Work

I have a bag with a zipper that moves up and down, but will not pull together and close. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Danny from WV


RE: Plastic Zipper Won't Work

Yippee. I just fixed a zipper on a robe I hated to give up. Using pliers to gently squeeze the zipper pull worked. (12/18/2007)

By Caryl

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