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Permanent Marker on Formica

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How do I remove sharpie permanent marker off of a formica table top?

Danielle from Orlando, FL


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Just discovered dark blue Sharpie marks on my 65 year od formica table, ugh! After reading the posts on here I used the Magic Eraser - took it right off!

By Donna11/29/2009

Magic eraser worked so much better than nail polish remover on my formica table top which again was used for my grandsons art work

By Donna11/29/2009

Magic eraser also took my grandsons crayon art work very easily from my painted walls

By valleau (Guest Post)10/28/2007

Those white magic erasers (sponge type things) are the BEST for EVERYTHING!! I would bet money that that would take the marker off your Formica. WD40 is also an excellent product, but if you don't have it, the white thing is awesome.

By Theresa (Guest Post)03/27/2007

Hi. Just wanted to thank you worked. My nephew wrote with a blue sharpie on the kitchen formica countertop. I tried the WD-40 and it worked! Thanks a bunch.

By Barbie (Guest Post)06/14/2006

WD-40.......always try WD-40 for anything on non porous on many other things too....check out the web site......

By Sandra06/13/2006

I've read here before that permanent marker can be removed by rubbing w/vegetable oil - haven't tried it, but it sure won't hurt anything!

Good luck,

By Allison (Guest Post)06/13/2006

Try nail polish remover on a q-tip.

By Chris Ellyson [2]06/12/2006

did you try calling the marker's manufacturer?

By msaudry (Guest Post)06/11/2006

try alcohol.

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