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Asking a Guy to Winter Formal

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Girl waiting for her date to a dance.

Winter Formal is coming up and you are struggling to come up with a clever way to ask a guy to go. This is a guide about asking a guy to a Winter Formal.



Here are questions related to Asking a Guy to Winter Formal.

Question: Asking a Friend to Winter Formal

I'm asking one of my guy friends to our winter formal this year. I just want it to be creative because we're only going as friends. Any ideas?

By Ali P. from Seattle, WA


Most Recent Answer

By Jane:)09/11/2013

"Hey! I want to go to winter formal, not alone of course, so come with me maybe?"

Question: Responding to an Invitation to Winter Formal

How do I answer back to a girl that asked me to go to winter formal?

By Jacob J.


Most Recent Answer

By Krista Shackleford11/12/2011

Politely. Yes, thank you for asking me. Just remember, it takes a lot of courage to ask someone out. They face rejection from someone they like. So, if you already have plans, or care not to go with her, gently say no. Just remember, one day you will be asking someone to go with you somewhere, how would you like to be treated if her answer was no.

Question: Asking a Guy to a Formal Dance

So there is this boy that I have liked since last year when I was a freshman. We have a winter dance soon called the Football Ball and the cheerleaders hold it. Can you help me come up with some cute ideas to ask him to the dance? Thank you.

By SaraJean from Casper, WY

Most Recent Answer

By girley23bc10/07/2013

Here is what I did last year, I asked him through telephone. This year, I am planning to do a flashmob with some friends! Also, getting some baseballs, and writing "will you go to Sadies with me?". What should I do with the number 22 because he plays football and baseball. 22 is his football number!

Question: Asking Boyfriend to Winter Formal

I'm dating a guy from a rival school and he is a head football player. We are seniors this year and it's our last dance before he goes to basic. So I want it to be very special. He is always super spontaneous and creative. For example, when he asked me to be his girlfriend it was the Fourth of July last year and we went down town on an old railroad bridge and watched fireworks. It was perfect. I want to wow him like he did me, by being super creative and maybe incorporating football into the plan somehow since he likes it so much. Any good ideas?

By Kori

Most Recent Answer

By joan [6]11/19/2011

One doesn't take anyone for granted. Asking is still a courtesy, but don't beat around too many bushes or he'll get confused.

Question: Asking a Guy to Winter Formal

There is this guy from a different school that I would like to ask to winter formal at my school, but I'm not sure if it would be something he would think was normal. I've talked to him a couple of times and we know each other. I got the feeling that he had a crush on me the last time I saw him. I don't know if I should ask him? and how should I ask him?

By Apple K.

Most Recent Answer

By 849mjb30 [1]01/27/2015

Look I have the same problem as you. I too have a friend that goes to another school and the winter formal is coming up next month. So far what I'm been doing is trying to come up with a idea to ask him (where, when, etc.). I am very nervous but I don't need to be, neither should you. What you should do is when you ask him make sure you a confident and smile when you ask him ( boys can tell when you are nervous and can react to that). If he says no go to plan B. Go with some friends or find another guy. I hope this helps you someway.

Question: Asking a Guy To Winter Formal

I need a really cute and creative way to ask a guy to a winter dance. Got any ideas?

Lauren from Denver, CO

Most Recent Answer

By rachel [3]02/18/2011

Here are a couple that me and my friends did
-trash his front porch with a sign in the middle saying Winter formal? with (your name)
-get a pizza and write on the front of the box "i know this is cheesey but winter formal" and on the inside write with your name
-if his house has windows on the front put a huge sing so everyone can see
-make a mix cd
-bake a cake and put it on his porch
Hope these help!

Question: Asking Boyfriend to Winter Formal

I'm writing a letter for my yearbook, saying my creative way of asking my boyfriend to winter formal, and I have no super creative ways of asking him. Help!

By Aubrey from McMinnville

Most Recent Answer

By Joan B. [2]11/20/2011

Wouldn't it be taken for granted, if he is a steady boyfriend, that if you were going to the dance, he would be going too? That is the way any relationship that I know of works. Talk about attending the dance, maybe that you are wondering what to wear, and see what he replies.

Solutions: Asking a Guy to Winter Formal

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Archive: Asking a Guy To Winter Formal

I need a really cute and creative way to ask a guy to a winter dance. Got any ideas? Lauren from Denver, CO

RE: Asking a Guy To Winter Formal

I have done a few cute way. The first one, I took a bunch of circles (get help to cute them out all sizes) scatter them ALL over his room with a sign that says I would love to be spotted at 'The Winter Formal' with you on (the date). The second one, I took a whole bunch of balls, I mean A LOT, like pool ones, bouncy ones and little baseballs ALL kinds. About 100 or more in all sizes. I left petals leading to his room and had the sign written in neon saying OPEN on the closet. His lights were off and his black light was on. He opened his closet and I had set the balls up to fall everywhere. Under them all there was a sign saying I would have a BALL if you would ROLL with me to Sadies. He loved it. Then the last one, I took that really long fuzzy red Christmas ribbon and tied it to his truck in the drive way and wrote on his truck GO INSIDE FOLLOW THE RED RIBBON. Inside there was a maze through the dining room to his room, at the end of it there was a heart saying 'Sadies?' and there was a sign on the bed with suckers everywhere saying "Hey toots, don't be a sucker, go to Sadies with me 'cuz if you don't that will blow!" I used all kinds of suckers and Blow pops and Tootsie pops. (12/11/2006)

By felicia

Asking a guy to prom

Get a little toy dump truck or some construction truck and put cinnamon buns on the back. Put it in his classroom, bedroom, etc with a sign that says "I'd love to haul your buns to prom!" Thats by far my favorite idea ever. (03/29/2007)

By Amanda

RE: Asking a Guy To Winter Formal

My friend got ask to winter formal by her boyfriend... but i gave her boyfriend the idea. It was to get a box, get 3 pink (helium inflated) balloons and draw a pig on each one of them, put them in the box and then put a piece of cardboard over them and then have a note on the top of the cardboard that says "Will you go to Winter Formal with me as soon as pigs fly?" Then they will read the note and then lift up the cardboard and the balloons fly out ... and pigs have flown. (07/09/2007)

By Blanca

asking to him to prom

This is how I asked my boyfriend to prom. I told him I had to work, so I would be out all day until later on at night around 7pm, when it gets dark. I told him I would call him when I was done. So I did and I told him I needed to talk to him about something important. Our favorite place to go is the beach, so I brought him there and there was rose petals leading us to the beach to our spot. I told him to close his eyes and told him not to peek because I had a surprise for him. I brought him to our spot and there were candles that spelled "PROM?" He said yes. I also had a picnic set up to for us to eat. It was so romantic. he loved it. It's the thought that counts right. (07/17/2007)

By anonnymous

RE: Asking a Guy To Winter Formal

I asked this guy that I had been talking to. I went to his house after school with two of his friends and on his bed we put a poster that said "Every princess needs a prince, so will you be mine for formal?" There was a tiara on a pillow with the poster just to complete the scene. Then the next day when we got to school he had a cake made for me saying "Yes, I'll be your prince." Totally adorable. And may I add the best night of my life. (09/22/2007)

By Carissa

RE: Asking a Guy To Winter Formal

Well, my friend loves Taco Bell, so I had bought him 3 big burritos and spelled 'Formal?' really big on them with sour cream! (09/26/2007)

By justagirl

RE: Asking a Guy To Winter Formal

Last year for our Sadie Hawkins two of my friends and I asked our dates (good friends and a boyfriend) by making them cookies and writing "S-A-D-I-E" on them the guys loved them! (10/13/2007)

By Michaela

RE: Asking a Guy To Winter Formal

My cousin once had to ask a guy to the Sadie's dance at her school. How she did it was really cute. On the computer she typed a note that said "I know this is cheesy, but will you go to Sadie's with me?". Then she went and bought a medium cheese pizza and taped the note on the inside of the box, so that when he opened it he would see the note (before the pizza) and give his answer. It worked for her! (10/19/2007)

By alexis

RE: Asking a Guy To Winter Formal

It was a really cold night and there was snow everywhere. My guy friend called me and told me to look out the window. When I did there were candles lit in the shape of a heart and he was in the middle holding a sign saying "It would melt my heart away if you didn't go to winter formal with me." (11/14/2007)

By jayne

RE: Asking a Guy To Winter Formal

I had a friend do something quite cute to ask a guy she liked to winter formal. She got a box (a decorated box or a tin can decorated with a winter scene). Fill it with Life Savers and Jolly Ranchers. She had a card that said: "You'd be a LIFE SAVER if you go to ____ with me! We'll have a JOLLY good time!" I know it may sound dumb but I thought it was really cute. The guy also appreciated and loved it! (11/15/2007)

By cinthyacg91

RE: Asking a Guy To Winter Formal

I asked the guy by decorating his room by putting balloons all over. I got a big black poster, put glow in the dark stars on it spelling "Formal?" and wrote a note on a star-shaped paper that said "star light star bright, make a wish, turn off the lights". Then the rest was written in glow in the dark, so he could read it in the dark. It said "I wish I may, I wish I might, have my wish on formal night." It was pretty cute. Sophomore year I asked by getting a huge box, wrapped it completely in pink wrapping paper with a big black & silver bow on it. I drew pig faces on pink balloons filled with helium. Then on the top of the box I left a note that said "If pigs could fly...would you go to formal with me?" When he opened the box pigs flew! this one was cuter! (12/14/2007)

By Cheyanne

RE: Asking a Guy To Winter Formal

This year's homecoming dance this guy asked me. It was the most adorable thing EVER, it was just like a movie scene! He went to my house at night, parked in the dark and knocked on my door. I opened it, didn't see anyone and closed it. He knocked again. This time there was a huge block of ice and a hammer right next to it. He yelled: "SMACK THE ICE!" and so I did. After smacking it like three times the block broke and there was a note inside saying: "Now that you have broken the ice, will you go to homecoming with me?". it was the cutest thing ever, i almost cried! HAHAHAHA. :) (12/17/2007)

By intercambista

Archive: Asking a Guy To Winter Formal

I need a really cute and creative way to ask a guy to a winter dance. Got any ideas?