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Using Green Cherry Tomatoes

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I had to pick my tomatoes because of the frost last night. I have a big bag of green cherry tomatoes. How should I go about letting them ripen? Or does someone have a recipe that calls for green tomatoes that maybe I can freeze to preserve them? I'm new at gardening and will appreciate any advice!

Haley from Centreville, Md



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By (Guest Post)10/26/2008

Pickle them! Makes great sides for sandwiches! Adding garlic/peppers/etc makes them great.

By Angie [9]10/24/2008

I wrap the tomatoes in newspaper and put then in a flat box and put under my bed. I check them everyday and get out the ripes one. I was still canning and frezzeing tomatoes in Nov.

By Norma [1]10/23/2008

I put mine in a brown paper shopping bag and just roll the top closed. They ripen just fine in there.

There are also many green tomato recipes on the net.

By (Guest Post)10/23/2008

Check some recipe sites or do a google search for green tomato recipes. You can make jams/jellys, salsas, my mom even made a green tomato cake recipe of Paula Deen from Food Network. She took one bite and threw it away. Tastes vary so maybe give one a try.

By Kathy Klahn [3]10/23/2008

You do not need light to ripen tomatoes! do not put them by a window. My mom always took a flat box 4 or 5" high put in a layer of newspaper(to absorb moisture). then a single layer of cherry tomatoes, then another layer of newspaper. then into the garage or another cool place. check them daily and throw out any soft ones and take in any that have ripened that you wish to use. be sure to wash before using. this method really works wonderfully! after ripening you can toss into freezer bag and freeze, use for soups and chili direct from freezer. good luck!

By Barbara Hickson [1]10/22/2008

I have had this problem in the past and found that if you put them in an open container (a plastic bowl will do) and leave them near a window they will gradually ripen. You will need to check them over frequently and remove any bad ones. I passed this tip on to my daughter who had to pick all of her green tomatos because her dog was using them to play ball!

By jeepwoman (Guest Post)10/22/2008

Keep in cool place, I put mine in the basement. They were all green, then I went down and picked out the ones that ripened. It was great.

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