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Having been one of 5 kids of depression era parents, I had a good idea how to live frugally. Those times reappeared when I lost my job. I tackled this problem with research, research, and more research. I spent time finding inexpensive meals, inexpensive places to shop, place to cut down spending, and eventually learned how to feed 2 on 153.00 a month.

I able to do it with food leftover for next month. I even have a stockpile of food on hand. I have cut back on the meat we eat. I make a lot of soups and a lot of "make your own" mixes. I joined all the frugal sites I could to look for answers and read a lot of library books. I even have done some garbage day "recycling".

I use a Brita water filter pitcher to refill my water cooler. I use the car once a week, if that. I plan a route and stick to it. I disposed of "things" that I found were not necessary to the happiness of life. By getting rid of the "Dust Catchers" of life I found new ways to make myself happy and content.

Jaxi3 from Wixom, Michigan

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By Carolyn (Guest Post) 04/22/2006

Would you mind sharing your list of frugal sites? I was laid off when my employer closed down, and we are trying to decide if we can live on one income. I will mention that The Dollar Stretcher is wonderful, as is our good old faithful Thrifty Fun, which I look at all of the time! Thanks TF - I was just too lazy to sign in!

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By Jennifer (Guest Post) 04/23/2006

I was just wondering if you could let me know how you did groveries for 153.00 a month. It would be so helpfull if you could give me specifics as I am working and my husband is unemployed. It would help out soo much!!!


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By sandy. (Guest Post) 04/23/2006

i have also signed on to many frugal sites but i find alot of them difficult to use. would you please list yours.??

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