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Using Chestnuts To Control Spiders

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I've heard of using chestnuts to control spiders. Do you use them whole, or do you break them up?

Carol from Frederick, MD



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By KL [3]06/12/2008

Unfortunately that and most other remedies are myths. Apparently spideys can't smell. I recommend reading the info at the link below. (warning: it has some pics.)

And most spideys you find indoors are house spiders that have always lived inside. They didn't make their way in from outdoors. There is no known way to 'repel' them. I found if I keep the clutter down and get rid of any thing that they would consider food then then tend to appear less.

We used to have a chestnut tree in our yard and there were spiders in the tree so chestnuts do not work.

I am scared stiff of them. At least I live where there aren't much of the hazardous kind.

Myth: "Hedge apples" (Osage orange fruit) or horse chestnuts can be used to repel spiders:

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