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Inexpensive Countertop and Backsplash Ideas


I am looking for cheap kitchen countertop and backsplash ideas.

By Jenie from Middletown, NJ


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By Allison 460 08/12/2010 Flag

The cheapest way to do countertops is laminate. There are many standard sizes sold in home stores, assuming your countertop fits the standard size and you don't need extra cuts, etc. For the back splash, I would use paint. You could do a faux finish. Or, if you want tile for the cleaning ability, just use standard 4 by 4s in the area above the sink. Another option is where someone might be selling theirs, just have to check sizing.

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By susan 33 441 08/12/2010 Flag

I agree with allison5 however, you can get stamped metal tiles fairly cheap and if you'd rather not paint these are nice and you can hold often used recipes or notes onto the backs plash that way with magnets. Good luck:)

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By Lee 6 111 09/20/2010 Flag

I wallpapered a vinyl tile wall paper on my kitchen back-splash years ago. It looked great! My tile guy even asked if I did it myself. Of course I lied and said, "sure, looks pretty good huh." I have been looking for it again, but with no luck. But what I did find from LTD are 4 by 4 stick on tiles. I have not put them up yet, but they look good in the box. Might have to do some prep work like sanding, but since I don't do tile I'm going to give this a try.

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