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Fabric That is Under $2.00 Per Yard

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Does anyone know of any websites that sell fabric by the yard for $2.00 or less per yard. I'm looking for all types of fabrics and widths. I need a bulk amount of 30 yards or more. Just trying to find the least expensive options such as closeouts, liquidators etc. Thanks!

Terrie from Twin Cities



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By butterflly08/18/2011

If you are ever in Philadelphia a place called Jomar. Oh my gosh you will be so happy you went there. They just had a sale at 50 cents a yard for quality fabric, women's clothing 5 dollars, dresses 10 dollars, kids clothing 3 dollars. I went crazy. Their dollar per yard section is like no other, they also have cheap buttons and zippers and notions, designer clothing, handbags and plus sizes for women, big and tall sizes for men, shoes, bed linens and household items and gadgets.
During 4th of July, they had kids coats and I mean nice coats, not junk $1.59 . Yes you read right, one dollar and fifty nine cents You should have seen the people stocking their kids for fall and some people bought them to resell. I'm obsessed with that place and trust me if you ever go there you will never shop anywhere else again. This is truly a warehouse store. Not like other places and you get there and everything is high as the devil. Truly a bargain hunters paradise. Look it up on line: Jomar.

By Patricia (Guest Post)08/11/2008

I have always shopped on Ebay, if you don't mind looking. There's always last minute bargains, just watch the shipping rates when bidding. Also I type in huge fabric lot, and time ending soonest. Good Luck, hope this helps. Kindest Regards, Fabric Junkie.

By Terrie DeBaker [2]02/27/2008

Thanks everyone for your responses. I will be looking into all these ideas. Terrie

By MaryBelle (Guest Post)02/27/2008

Call Marshells Dry Goods of Batesville, AK. They have very high quality fabric of all sort, batting and many other bargains. Enjoy

By Vickie Kibellus02/26/2008

If you live close to Emma, IN Northern IN, you could shop at Emma Warehouse. they have huge rolls of fabric and upholstery materials for 4-30 dollars--less than 1$ a yard. I am sure other states have similar salvage and warehouse liquidation places. Also Amish fabric stores have great buys.

By Cyinda [214]02/25/2008

I live near 3 big cities & have 9 Walmarts within a 60 mile radius of me & 5 of those sell fabric. Most, if not all of these that have fabric also sell CHEAP (but sometimes high quality) fabric for only $1 & $2 a yard.

Bring up the following web site, The "Walmart Store Locater":
Then put in your zip-code. When you bring up the Walmart's that are closest to you, you'll get their phone numbers & addresses. Call each Walmart & ask whether they do or don't sell fabric (not all do). If they DO sell fabric, odds are that they have fabric that retails for $2 per yard or less.You can always ask to talk directly to the "fabric area" when you call.

Each Walmart sells some fabrics that are the same at all Walmarts, (& some of these are only $2 per yard) but in the way of the less expensive discontinued, discount ("undetermined fiber content") fabrics that sell for $1 & $2 a yard, each Walmart has it's own rotating fabrics. It's all about what the mills have discontinued several years back. Each walmart buys these discontinued fabric by the pallet load, & they never know what they'll be getting in.

* As most of this discount fabric is "undetermined fiber content", you'll have to know what you are buying. I can usually tell what a fabric is by its "feel" because I've been sewing for 40 years.

But if you're not sure, be sure to wash & pre-shrink EACH & EVERY piece of fabric BEFORE you sew with it, & if you're unsure you can always buy several inches of the fabric, then take it outside & do what I like to call the "Lighter Test". I always carry a lighter with me! NEVER, NEVER do the "lighter test" INSIDE a store or they might arrest you for arson! You'll have to go out on to a paved parking lot, or, better yet to your bathroom sink, or somewhere safe & light a piece of fabric that's about 2 inches long by an eighth to a quarter inch wide with the lighter & if, after it burns, it turns to JUST ash, then that means it's "all natural" or "man-made" like rayon (rayon is made form celulose, or "tree bark"). Natural fabrics (if it just turns to ash) are: Cotton, Rayon, Linen, & Silk) BUT, If it turns to ash, BUT smells like burning hair, then it's wool (or a "protein fiber" like wool, like cashmere or alpaca & sometimes silk because silk is also a "protein fiber"). If it just drips plastic & when it cools down, balls up & turns to hard plastic, then the fabric is made of a synthetic substance like polyester or acrylic. Sometimes they are mixed & you get a little of both. (Like 50% poly/50% cotton). And, sometimes there is also a bit of Lycra (rubber) mixed in with the cotton for added stretch. Sometimes you can just take 3 or 4 threads from the weave of the fabric, This is what I do when I need to know the "fiber content" from something I've bought at the thrift store. I take several threads from the inside seams.

* Please use care when you light the fabric on fire, as this could either hurt you, or cause a fire in your house. I usually put a bit of water in the bottom of my sink & light the fibers OVER the water & I also roll up my sleeves because the flame can sometimes go fairly high. The trick is to use as little a piece as you can cut, or just a few threads from the edges of the fabric.

By Marge Mayhew [2]02/25/2008

Yes, I agree that sheets are the cheapest but you are limited on colors and prints or designs. I recently purchased four king-size, flat sheets on clearance at Target for $6.98 each. I plan to make curtains from them. The WalMart stores in my area always have a big pile of fabric bolts. One pile is $1.00 a yard and the other is $2.00 a yard. Large fabric tablecloths on clearance at Big Lots also gave me material for curtains in several rooms. They were about 70 inches by 102 inches and cost me $4.00 each.

By Maggie [13]02/25/2008

I second the sheets! I buy them used also at thrift/rummage sales..I use mine for crocheting rugs and that takes about 25 to 30 actual yards to make :0) Also check Mill End Textiles in the cities..they have several stores in the area :0)
Maggie O in Bloomington, MN

By joan pecsek [88]02/25/2008

I don't know what you're making but sheets are the best fabric bargain around.

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