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Scunci Steamer Doesn't Steam

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My Scunci steamer won't work. It heats up, builds pressure, but steam won't come out. Please help.

By Rita from Cleveland, OH


Recent Answers

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By Steven W.05/25/2015

It's not a 1/4 nut, it's the metric 6mm so youll need a 6 point 1/4, not a 12 point as it will just round the nut. remove nut and use the tip of a screwdriver to tap the threads into the washer. Once that done, the washer can be pried out (the threaded shaft is the only thing holding it in). I believe the washer and the rubber seal behind it are the valve so when you put it back together. If you tighten the nut all the way, itll prevent the valve from operating (?) so tighten and then loosen like 1/2 turn.

Now I have some light steam coming out with no trigger and a burst when I use the trigger. Remove the shaft and clean it of calcium and lime. probably wouldnt hurt to to fill with some CLR or lime away and let soak for a few hours then rinse. I got chunks of white lime dropping out of mine when I rinsed it. That will coat bottom and reduce heating ability, just like a water heater.

By agapecme01/16/2014

I used a deep socket take out the nut then used a small screw driver to get the washer and used a punch to remove the shaft.

By donna11/15/2009

If I were you, I would take it back to the store where you bought it there maybe a problem with it. Get a new one and see if it works if not I would contact the manufacture. Good luck.

By kathleen williams [23]11/15/2009

Take it back or do this;; To fix the problem of no steam coming out or steam coming out without pushing the button.
Do this:
1. Remove the two screws from the from of the steamer then remove the end cap.
2. Removed screw from the lower area of handle.

3.Top of steamer, remove the two screws under round rubber flap around fill hole.
4. Removed back of handle, top of steamer, front of steamer where nozzles attach.

5. Remove the plastic tube where the steam comes out.
6. Now look in the hole where the steam comes out and remove the 1/4 inch nut, metal washer, and rubber washer.

7. Take a small punch and lightly tap the brass rod until it pops out the back.
8. Remove the brass rod and spring. " The spring will have white crud on it and in the hole where it came out of. Clean the hole and spring realy good. This will fix the problem of steam always coming out with out pushing the button."

9. Clean the brass rod, spring, and hole that they go into. I use a very small round wire brush. "Like the kind you might use to clean a gun."
10. Spray some WD40 in the hole and on the brass rod, then put a few drops of oil on the rod.

11. Put every thing back together and it will work like new.
12. Don't use tap water in the steamer and you will not get the build up.good luck.


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Question: Repairing a Scunci Steamer

There was a post in November of 2009 listing needed steps for repairing a Scunci steamer. At one point it very blithely states: 6. Now look in the hole where the steam comes out and remove the 1/4 inch nut, metal washer, and rubber washer. But I have no idea what tool is needed to take out the washers. They seem to be held fast by the post that the nut was on. I can't for the life of me figure this one out. I have tried asking both my son-in-law and his brother. Help! It was a post by kffrmw88. Anyone have any idea what is holding this thing in place? I am trying to do it myself. Thanks.

By Kristen C.

Most Recent Answer

By Heather DIYer02/08/2014

I did this and it really worked. Very happy to have it back in service. First, do not try to remove the rubber collar/washer under the cap. Just lift up the sides and the screws are right there. What you will need to remove the nut is a 1/4 inch socket which they sell individually at the big box stores if you don't have a socket set.

A medium size flat-bladed screwdriver stuck in the other end will do the trick to turn it. I then ran a thin bladed knife around the outside of the washers under the nut which removed a lot of debris, then tapped the brass rod out. You may need pliers to pull it out. The two washers came right out after that. I soaked everything in a lime remover for a few minutes and then a little steel wool and a brush to remove the rest.

Also used a dilute solution to clean out the container. When re-assembling, The socket came in handy for pushing the washers down on the brass post. Then, put the top back on first, making sure the spring is lined up on the post, and then the handle. Works as good as when it was new.

Question: Reinstalling Rubber Flap on Scuni Steamer

I removed the rubber flap on the Scuni Steamer and now it won't go back on securely. How did you get it back on securely?

By Kysha H

Question: Using a Scunci Steamer With Attachments

How can I get the steam to the attachments?

By Angela

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