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Removing Sticker Adhesive from a Tinted Window

What can I use to clean off glue from a sticker on a tinted window?

By Leticia from Woodbridge, CA

Recent Answers

By girlchez07/10/2010

I think at the end of the day, we will all find out "Goo-Gone" was nothing more than a repackaged bottle of Old English. So I recommend Old English.

By Linda06/07/2010

There is a product called "Un-do" that gets the sticky residue off of most anything you use it on, including postage stamps. And with the stamps, you can even reuse them! I love it. I keep this product in the house at all times. Good luck. I know it will work.

By metroplex [81]06/07/2010

i have good luck with Goo Gone, bought at supermarkets, target, walmart, etc.

I've also used cooking oil with good success.

Maybe nail polish remover?
Rubbing alcohol?

Good Luck!

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