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Bar Soap with Less Residue

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My husband will not give up bar soap in the shower. Does anybody know what kind of bar soap leaves less residue in the tub?

Lynn from Albany, NY



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By OliveOyl02/12/2009

My husband also insists on a bar of soap in the shower. The clear glycerin bars leave the least residue IMO. I stockpile the B&BW bars when they are on sale for $1. Dial also makes a glycerin bar--I think it's the White Tea one. Keep on the lookout for glycerin soap in dollar stores, Big Lots,ethnic groceries, etc. as sometimes you hit the jackpot unexpectedly.

It's important to keep the shower walls clean. I wipe down the walls with an old towel or squeegee.

By BeeNAlaska (Guest Post)02/12/2009

I use Amazing Soap. It is a glycerin soap that is all natural. You can find them on the web at

By df (Guest Post)09/03/2007

AVOID deodorant soaps- they leave far more scum than others I think.

By Jennifer [9]09/02/2007

Dove White soap! For many reasons. For his skin especially!
I clean my shower/tub area with this wonderful product called Bar Keeper's friend. It cleans, fiberglass, glass shower doors, stainless steel, copper, brass (it's a polisher), porcelain, and the list goes on...check out their site @ You can find this product at most grocery stores. Just look where the comet or ajax is located. I promise you if you use it you will say goodbye to soap scum. Just use it weekly. And use whatever soap you want!
Jennifer CA

By Kate (Guest Post)09/01/2007


By Joyce [2]09/01/2007

Lynn, The very best scum cleaner I have found is
Comet Bathroom cleaner. It's wonderful! Don't know
of any soap that won't cause scum.J.B.

By Veronica (Guest Post)09/01/2007

I recognize the situation. My boyfriend's shower is disgusting. I read that acid (e.g. vinegar) would react with the soap residue and make it come off. It worked, sort of, but not completely.

Later I learned that artists (the type that paint pictures) sometimes use oil to clean stuff. I tried, and found that the soap residue can be dissolved with cooking oil. Then the cooking oil can be removed with the same stuff you use on your dishes. This worked better than the vinegar.

By (Guest Post)08/31/2007

Try Dr. Bronner's liquid soap. i know you said he likes bar soap but this is real soap not body wash. It is way less messy then bar soap. as a plus it is good for the environment and is recommended for laundry use and household cleaning. A little goes along way so you get a lot of bang for your buck. They have a really good almond scent that is guy friendly.

By joan pecsek [88]08/31/2007

Neutrogena and Pears aren't supposed to leave a residue.

By Dean (Guest Post)08/31/2007

All soaps will leave a film and it becomes more noticeable over time. The best way to keep a shower or bath scum free once the scum has been cleaned is to wipe down the shower or tub with a towel after each use. You will remove the soap film and water drops with the towel. You have to get in the habit of doing this after every shower or bath. I do this and my shower looks as good as the day it was installed.

By Julia08/31/2007

In addition to $5 bars at Bath and Body, you could get them even cheaper at the Dollar Tree. Also, I think Ivory Soap is good. And then there is baby soap...real gentle.

By Concetta [4]08/31/2007

Any kind of pure glycerin soap should do the trick. Bath and Body Works runs them on special $5 for 5 all the time. My DH uses the plain vanilla one and doesn't complain about it.

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