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Looking For Home Makeover Advice For My Mom

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My mother's home needs a serious makeover. However, the funds are limited and she really doesn't know how to go about getting it done. She's the best mom in the world and I'd like to surprise her with home improvement quest. To whom ever it may concern, please send me information on how to start the process. Thanks!

Sheila from Florida


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By Ianny02/15/2009

I am not going to say that it depends on what your budget is. However, one of the simplest and most economical ways to effect an entirely new look to a room or home is to change the pictures you hang on the walls.

1. Remove existing ones. Keep away the ones your family still has sentimental values for.

2. You may need to paint over the walls on which previous pictures had hung for ages.

3. Choose a different wall/s to hang new pictures.

4. Shop for framed prints, or canvas prints, of pictures that appeal to you. Wildlife and breathtaking landscape never go out of fashion. Check these online galleries out:

For budget makeovers, do not opt for masterpieces.. they tend to look out of place.

Making over is fun. Make sure the whole family enjoys the process!

RE: Looking For Home Makeover Advice For My Mom

By dijon and dominique mchenry (Guest Post)08/27/2008

I am 12 years old and my sister is 9. We can not get our own house because mommy will not leave grandma and this house is too small to live in. My grandma is 83 and my mom is the only one that helps her, but do not have money to decorate everything. Mom cries because she want to give me and my sister our own rooms. Mom needs a nice room too.

By Doris M. Nelson (Guest Post)08/24/2005

My grandmother is looking to fix her house up ,but she barely has the money to pay for her medications. Can you hook her up with a home makeover? She needs it .

By Terri L. Robinson (Guest Post)05/05/2005

I owned a home in Topeka, Ks. I take care of my elderly mother and we stay together. I am a single mom with 2 sons. One lives with me and he has ADHD. All my money is going to help him. I do not have the cash to do any improvements around the house. I take care of the outside of the house with flowers but landscaping is out of the question. My kitchen is very small and the cabinets are to small and to high. The kitchen floor is crack and I do not have the money to have it fixed. I have carpet over the floor in the kitchen. I need help. PLEASE!!!!!!

By Fran Marie. (Guest Post)01/09/2005

Start with a good room-by-room cleaning; closets and all. Use several boxes to sort things to keep, to throw away, to pack away (seasonal) and to give away. Then go to the dollar store for clear shoe boxes to organize her smaller stuff. Orgaize her clothes closet according to groupings-shirts, skirts, pants, etc.

Think outside the box. Sometimes what may be boring in one room can pop in another. You may even find stuff she didn't know she had and can start using again.

Don't underestimate a good room rearrange. Make sure each room has a personal space for her. In the bedroom-an area for her nighttime ritual, the kitchen-a place for her breakfast, the living room-a reading area (don't forget a pretty blanket), bathroom-her personal care items in a pretty basket from a thrift store.

Don't forget a couple of inexpensive low growing, low maintenance plants at Wal-Mart, Home Depot, etc.(Careful for toxicity if she has a pet)

Ask her what she likes. She may have ideas that just need a strong body to accomplish.

Hope it helps.

By Carrie Bridges (Guest Post)01/08/2005

Go online to and click on either In A Fix or While You Were Out. These are homemakover shows. You can apply to have them come to your house and for free, re-do everything. I know that the in a fix show works primarily in the Florida area and I am not sure about while you were out. Good Luck and Happy remodeling!!

By JoAnn01/07/2005

My elderly Mom also lives in Florida. A few years back her home was getting old (44 yrs. old), had no insulation, old windows in which cold air blew through the cracks, etc We heard about a federal grant that is alloted to each county in Florida.
Mom had to totally move out of the house. They furnished a semi truck's trailer for to move her furnishing into. They installed insulation, paneling, new flooring, new double paned windows(19 of them). They removed her tub and put in a walk-in shower, a raised toilet, etc. The grant paid $26,000. to the contractor! They fixed her house so she could be warm and comfortable in her elder years.
Check with your County Comissioner, or just call the Court House of your county and ask about this program. There's a bit of paper work and qualifing, but for my MOM, it was a gift from God. She's 90 years old now, and enjoys her warm, pretty, comfortable home, which is where she can remain in her latter days. I know of others who have benefitted from this program.
This may not be the 'make over' you are thinking of, but enjoyed sharing Mom's blessings!

By Shari01/07/2005

regarding paint -always buy the mis-tints from a reputable paint store. It is actually cheaper than buying new paint from Wal-mart, and it is of a much better quality. Also, as long as the mis-tints are an off white or very light color, they can re-tint the paint to most other colors in a darker shade than the mis-tint, and they will do this as a free service. Four years ago, my husband and I spent $150 re-doing our entire 3 bedroom mobile home - that included one coat of primer (also bought as mis-tints) and two coats of paint, and we still had enough paint leftover to repaint the house if needed (which we did 2 years later when we sold our home). We estimated that we saved $250 this way.

By Jo Bodey [1]01/07/2005

What is actually wrong with your home? How does your mother want it to look when its finished? If you get some ideas from her and post them it will be much easier to give appropriate advice. "Needing a serious makeover' could mean anytnhing from a good clean and tidy to major decorating. Which rooms are the worst and what is wrong with them may be a good place to start. The more information you can give the better the advice will be.



By Kayla [3]01/07/2005

If you have time and a sewing machine, I personally would start sewing! Curtains are a snap to amke and you can coordinate pillows, a slipcover and tablecloths! You'll also want a fresh coat of paint! Maybe a pretty yellow to brighten things up. Get some new throw rugs. Those are the basics, and you can definitely do more, but those few things will spruce her home up in NO TIME!

By Rhonda (Guest Post)01/07/2005

Contact paper. I also have limted funds and have found that a quick easy change that isn't to expensive, is using contact paper. I had some kind of plastic tile stuff in my ugly bathroom and covered it with bright yellow contact paper with bees and flowers on it halfway up the wall. It is easy to apply comes off if you put it on crooked or if you don't like it. I also have conact paper on the wall in my kitchen between the countertop and cabinet.

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